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I know I’m not alone in this, though it’s possible that me and my small group of friends are the only ones who think this, but I have to say that Meg’s comment about Amelia being a “unicorn” seriously pissed me off and I now hate unicorns.

I know I don’t like Amelia, not even a little bit. I tried and the writers just couldn’t seem to make her into a real character and I gave up. It’s easier to hate someone than to try pointlessly to like them simply because I’m being told that I should. And now, after that unicorn line, I’m seriously annoyed at the writers.

It bothers me because they’re implying that Amelia is apparently UBER SPECIAL. It reeks of desperation: LOOK! Sam quit hunting to be with Amelia! See! He loves her! She’s really special and unique and wonderful! Even MEG thinks so!! PLEASE LIKE HER.


First, it’s really annoying to be told I should like a character who I don’t empathize with or give two shits about. Especially when it’s so obvious. Second, Amelia ISN’T special. Sam has quit hunting before, remember? Way back when he was 22 at the beginning of the show? He spent most of the first season talking about quitting hunting again once Yellow Eyes was dead.

And he had Jessica. Now, he didn’t quit FOR her, but he loved her and that was obvious without being shoved down our throats. Sam has loved before, he’s quit hunting before and one annoying Mary-Sue with a dog is nothing remarkable or special and sure as hell not “legendary creature” material.

That line made me want to throw things. I know I’m biased because I really hate her so much, but think about: what purpose did that comment serve other than to try and let us know, AGAIN, how apparently wonderful Amelia is. There was no reason for Meg to comment on Sam and Amelia’s relationship.

Meg knows Sam’s past, she knows about Jess and Madison and Ruby and that Sarah girl who was way more interesting than Amelia is. Amelia isn’t the first girl Sam’s loved and she’s the least likeable of them all. (That includes Ruby…) and Meg wouldn’t give a shit about her. If anything, Meg should’ve made some derisive comment about how Sam’s relationships usually work. She’s a demon, it’s what she does. And Sam’s an easy target there seeing as every girl he’s loved is DEAD.

Meg calling Cas her unicorn made more sense… She’s a demon, he’s an angel and they’re friends and she seems to actually care about him. THAT is rare and worthy of the “legendary creature” status. Amelia is not.

So now, thanks to that episode, I can’t think about unicorns without thinking about Amelia and getting angry because I don’t want to have the purity and wonder of rainbow farting unicorns compared to the flat, boring nothingness that is Amelia Richardson.


I haven’t exactly been quiet or subtle about my hatred for Amelia Richardson. Her character is so poorly written and developed that it’s sad and I’m frankly amazed that there are people who like her. I’ve realized, though, that perhaps they like Amelia because of their own image of her in their minds and what she represents: Sam’s happiness.

Unfortunately, I can’t like her based on a few minutes of decent characterization that were soon flushed down the toilet and I refuse to make her into something she isn’t in my mind. Sam’s happiness matters little to me if the character is so poorly characterized that it doesn’t make sense.

I believe Amelia’s lack of characterization is in part due to lazy writing. Instead of giving her a personality and making Sam and Amelia’s love make any sense, they’ve simply put her there to serve as the thing that pulls Sam away from hunting and that’s basically all she does. The romance is not evident and she doesn’t get to have a real personality.

I have a couple of theories as to what exactly is really going on between the two of them…

The first is what I’m want to talk about now: They are not really in “love”

It’s pretty obvious, when you think about it. Sam has lost everything and everyone that has ever meant anything to him. He has no family left, he doesn’t have Bobby, he doesn’t have a way to get into Purgatory for Dean… He’s all alone.

And the one thing he’s always wanted is a normal, safe life. He had that at one point, at the beginning of the series. With Jessica Moore. And after losing EVERYTHING, Sam was desperate to get away from the life that had taken it from him.

Whenever he met Amelia, something in her reminded him of Jessica. Maybe it was the way that she smiled, maybe it was the bit of upfront, doesn’t-take-shit-from-anyone personality she displayed briefly in her first appearance. Whatever it was, it reminded him of happier times.

Their relationship was extremely rushed. Amelia even admits this herself whenever they buy a house together. It makes no sense to rush, seeing as they seemingly have all the time in the world to take things slow and, you know, get to know each other. They aren’t married, so why bother buying a house? Why rush into things?

Because Sam was desperately trying recreate what he’d lost with Jess. Remember, he was planning to ask Jessica to marry him and they were living together.

Amelia reminded Sam of Jessica and what he’d lost in some small way and after losing everything, that was enough for him. He just wanted to snatch hold of that little bit of happiness and never let it go.

“But Amelia loves Sam!” you say.

No. No she does not.

Not only does Amelia show very little actually “love” towards either Sam or Don, but that aside, have you ever stopped to listen to Sam and Amelia’s conversations? How flat they are? How lacking in real emotional depth?

Amelia, like Sam, had very recently had her entire world ripped out from under her. Her husband, who she presumably loved, was dead. She fled from that pain the same way Sam fled from his and whenever she met him, there was something in him and how lost he seemed that she connected with because she was just as lost.

Maybe he even reminded her of Don in some way. Either way, she was just as desperate to have that little bit of happiness. They were each other’s FANTASY.

They were both deluding themselves into believing that they loved one another, when it was so painfully obvious from the way they talked to one another that neither was truly emotionally invested in the other. (It’s particularly obvious in the way they talk to each other after having sex… They both sound so detached it’s like they’ve never met before)

Fantasies are never as good as reality and I think they were both aware of that. But they were unwilling and unable to give up that small bit of normalcy and happiness that they had created inside their own minds.

The reason that the fantasy lasted as long as it did? Because neither had a reason to stop deluding themselves. Don was dead and Dean was gone. Sam had no reason to go back to hunting and Amelia had no reason to not give in to her own fantasy.

Notice how quickly it all shatters whenever Don turns up? Amelia doesn’t look relieved, or even the slightest bit happy that the husband she said she loved so much wasn’t dead. She looks HORRIFIED. Because her fantasy is about to be shattered and Sam’s is going down with it.

Don broke the delusion. Suddenly, reality was breaking through and their “love” didn’t seem so great anymore. I think Sam recognized this and that’s why he decided to “do the right thing” and leave.

If you noticed, he himself didn’t seem so broken up about leaving Amelia. Sam’s the self-sacrificing type, I know, but I’m pretty sure if there had been any REAL love between him and Amelia, he’d have stayed and fought harder. It was more than a sense of doing “the right thing” and letting Amelia be happy (because she clearly didn’t LOOK happy) it was that he realized that his desperate attempt at recreating his former life with Jess had failed.

It’s obvious Sam cared, at least a little, about Amelia. But it wasn’t love, it was something more akin to friendship and most likely because of their mutual losses. Empathy was probably what created most of their “feelings” for each other in the first place.

And despite the fact that the entire relationship was a hollow sham, Sam still longs for that little bit of happiness that his fantasy gave him. So whenever Amelia, likely wanting things to go back to that happy time when she and Sam were blissfully deluded together, shows up and tells him she’ll be with him if he stays… he seriously considers it.

But he doesn’t do it. Because he knows that there is no going back. The illusion has been shattered and he knows, after that last night with Amelia, that there isn’t any way that things will ever be the same as they were.

This explains why they’re so stiff and detached when talking to one another, it explains why Amelia was so, for lack of a better word, flirty (in a painful and annoying way) in that hotel room. It explains why Sam always looks so sad whenever he’s talking to Amelia and it explains why Amelia was so willing to throw away her life with Don so callously.

Character: Amelia Richardson

First Episode: 8×01, “We Need to Talk About Kevin”


I admit it, I am totally biased when it comes to which characters in Supernatural I love and which characters I loathe. Amelia Richardson is one of those characters that I absolutely detest. Before you make any assumptions, let me just say a few things… I have been accused of disliking Amelia on the basis that she is Sam’s love interest. That is not the case. In fact, to date I haven’t had a single problem with any of Sam’s love interests aside from her.

Admittedly, I am extremely jealous of those women, but they were all interesting characters, even if (as with Ruby) they were also evil, lying demons. It is not the fact that she is Sam’s “girlfriend” (and I use the term loosely) that I object to. It is the fact that she is a washed out, cardboard cut-out of a character and she gets more and more annoying by the episode.

I’d also like to say, it is not the actress I have a problem with, it is the character. Most of the things I don’t like about Amelia can be boiled down to poor writing. The rest, is the extreme lack of chemistry between her and Jared.

I went into season eight a bit wary, but completely open minded. I did not hate Amelia right off the bat. We saw very little of her in “We Need to Talk About Kevin” so I didn’t get a real feel for her character, but she seemed at least vaguely interesting and not like a total bitch or even worse, a “damsel in distress” kinda deal. She seemed independent enough and able to speak for herself.

But then we just kept getting bludgeoned with the fact that she was so amazing and Sam loves her so damn much and blah fucking blah. Seriously, I was sick to death of the flashbacks. In the case of Dean and his stint in Purgatory, at least they made sense. He’d been through a huge deal and had just escaped freaking Purgatory and lost his best friend along the way. Sam, on the other hand… he hit a dog and met some annoying vet chick. He sure as hell has no reason to be having flashbacks.

I tried, I really did, to not hate this woman before we’d even really met her in the present time. But then we got to “Hunter Heroici” and all hope of me liking her was shot to hell. The Amelia flashbacks in that episode felt forced and totally out of place. I was annoyed at the way they pulled away from the actual story at hand and the only thing they did for me was convince of me that either Amelia is not real or the writers just had no other idea of how to get this story across to us.

What we know about Amelia is kind of hard to make her likable in any case. First, her husband, Don, was killed in action in Afghanistan (at least, I think it was Afghanistan. To be honest, I sort of zone out whenever she speaks). I understand that losing her husband must’ve been hard on her and she probably wanted to rebuild her life and had no idea where to start and it would be difficult and confusing.

But what Amelia did was move away from her old town, found some town in Texas (I’m assuming it’s Kermit, Texas seeing as that’s where she is now) and stayed in a motel for weeks, even after getting a job. Even Sam, who had literally lost EVERYONE he cared about (and apparently suffered some sort of personality overhaul that allowed him to not bother looking for said people) thought that was a little weird.

This chick was so scared of the commitment of property ownership she didn’t bother even renting an apartment, and instead just stayed at the motel which allowed her to run into Sam again. Their conversations feel stilted and painful and there is absolutely no chemistry between them at all. I wouldn’t know they were supposed to be in love if Sam hadn’t told us so…

Then they buy a HOUSE together. Seriously? Actually, no, Sam did it by himself. Amelia was apparently “busy”. This is only reinforcing my whole “Amelia is a delusion” theory. Her dad drops by and apparently he was in the Army. He is a strange combination of Dean and John. Only furthering my desperate hopes…

Amelia gets a phone call and Don’s not dead! Gasp!

This isn’t believable at all and her reaction is just… terrible. I’m sure she’d be freaked, yes, and the situation with Sam complicates everything, but you’d think if she gave a damn about Don she wouldn’t have looked so horrified and depressed at the news that her dead husband is inexplicably not dead. She just… No.

And it only gets worse because Sam decides to “do the right thing” and leave. Telling me all I need to know. He doesn’t really love her, because he didn’t even look that broken up about leaving and I personally believe that he was just with Amelia and rushed the entire relationship because he was desperately trying to recreate the relationship he had with Jessica. Amelia seems pretty callous about the whole thing and doesn’t really seem to care about her husband very much at all.

So, we fast-forward to “Citizen Fang” and just when I was hoping we’d one day get a flashback of Amelia dying an awful, awful death we get to finally meet this woman in the present time. She’s even worse than the flashbacks led me to believe.

Dean, in a desperate attempt to keep Sam and the nutbag Martin from killing Benny, sends Sam a phantom text from Amelia saying she’s in trouble. Yeah, that was a dick move and I was a bit disappointed, but at the same time… Sam seriously just bailed in the middle of a hunt and left a crazy person alone to hunt a vampire. Even given that Sam believed Benny was killing people, it seems like you wouldn’t want to leave the guy who was just released from a mental hospital alone to fight the vampire.

He drives all the way to Texas (from Louisiana) and sneaks up to Amelia’s place. He spots her and Don all happy and cozy on the couch and, realizing she’s fine, goes to a bar. He finds out what really happened from Dean. Just when I’m hoping this business with Amelia is over, she shows up. Fuck my life.

Apparently, she saw SOMEONE (remember, she said she didn’t know who) peeping through the window and HOPED it was Sam. So instead of telling her husband that there was a random dude creeping outside of the house, she just waits until she has a free moment and bails, heading for the bar in hopes of seeing her ex-lover there. Wow, does she love her husband or what, guys?

Once she confirmed that it was indeed Sam, she runs out of the bar because heaven forbid her husband realizes where she went. She had to get home because he was leaving for a business trip and she had to help him pack. I’m not kidding, but I wish I was.

She only shows up at Sam’s hotel (meaning she freaking tracked him down, which is disturbing) AFTER her husband is gone. That pretty much tells me she only came there to do one thing and it sure as hell wasn’t to talk. They talk a little, but mostly she’s stepping closer to him, talking about how she misses him and blah, blah, blah.

Sam backs away and tries to keep distance between them, clearly not wanting to make things more complicated, but she keeps annoying me by finishing his sentences and making me want to punch her. Of course, they sleep together. Could that scene have ended any other way?

(In my head, it ended with Sam stabbing her in the throat with the demon killing knife because, seriously, that’s the only logical ending!)

The next morning she blames Sam for the whole having sex together thing. Sorry, Amy, but unless he raped you, that took two people and you were the one coming onto him. Don’t blame him because you couldn’t control yourself. (Although, in fairness to Amelia, I’d have a hard time controlling myself in the presence of Sam Winchester too…) Then she gives him a speech about how he can’t be here and not here and how if he stays she’ll totally leave her husband for him, but if he goes she’ll just move on.

Wow, I am feeling the love. She must care a lot about her husband. Look, I get it. She “loves” Sam. (Yeah, no, not feeling the love, but it’s obvious that it’s SUPPOSED to be romance). However, even if Sam leaves, I’d say it’s only fair to Don if she divorces him because clearly, she doesn’t love him anymore. If she ever did, which I find doubtful ‘cos I’m not sure she’s capable of “love” or any other human emotion.

Anyway, after her big proposal (which boils down to: stay with me, or don’t ever come back), Sam says it’s a lot to think about. Which it is. Amelia looks less concerned and I’m sure she’s already made her mind up. She’s gonna ditch her husband for Sammy.

They agree that they’ll meet back at the hotel room in two days and if they’re both there, or only one of them is there they’ll know. The words “we’ll know” are repeated by Amelia so many times I wanted to hurl something at my computer screen. (And as another note, if she ever appears in another scene wearing only one of Sam’s shirts I will vomit)

So, of course, at the end of the episode they try to trick me into thinking Sam *might* go to be with Amelia, but I know Sam better than that. He might be stupid enough to care about this woman, but he’s not gonna ditch Dean in favor of a life with her, which was, at best, a hollow fantasy based on his dreams of his former life with Jess. But guess who DOES show up? Oh yes, Amelia shows up and finds the hotel room empty.

I wish I could say I felt bad when she looked so disappointed, but I feel that her disappointment was less that she didn’t get to live her life with Sam and more she didn’t get to carry out the ritualistic sacrifice she intended to do whenever she got there. I was just laughing in triumph because Sam didn’t let me down this time, he made the right decision and ditched her ass. I so hope we don’t see her again, but I’m pretty sure we will.

My only hope is that when we do, it is either confirmed that she is all a delusion because Sammy is just completely batshit (and that is a valid theory still given that Sam is the only character outside of her father and husband to ever interact with or even meet Amelia) OR Amelia is somehow working for Crowley and is tied into some bigger conspiracy that we don’t know about yet. Her being a legitimate love interest is simply out of the question…