Supernatural Rants & Musings

A dumping ground for my Rantings and Musings about Supernatural – the things I loved, the things I hated and the things I didn’t understand…

Why I Hate Amelia Richardson (the annoying Mary-Sue that she is…)

Henry Winchester: Carrying On the Winchester Tradition (of breaking my heart)

Sam’s Year Without Dean, Take Two (What really happened after Dean vanished)

Supernatural Character Theme Songs (Because I just got really, really bored)

A Hollow Fantasy: Sam and Amelia’s “Love” (is not anywhere near real “love”)

What “Supernatural” Means to Me (Hint: more than it probably should…)

A few brief thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend with Benefits” (Because that episode ended in a WTF moment of confusion)

A Heartbroken Rant about “Swan Song” (detailing how Eric Kripke ripped out my heart)

Some Brief Thoughts on “Goodbye Stranger” (My heart… it hurts…)

Meg Masters: A Tribute

Musings About the Season Eight Finale

How Supernatural Ruined Unicorns for Me (because of one little line about Amelia…)

There is no such thing as “hope” (how “Taxi Driver” broke me…)

Things “Supernatural” Has Made Me Scared of

On the Subject of Romance in “Supernatural”

Adam Milligan – the Forgotten Winchester Sibling

Sam and Cas: The Parallels

Bracing Myself for the “Supernatural” Season 8 Finale (I was so not prepared for the feels)

Looking Back on “Supernatural” Season 8 (It’s been one beautiful, painful mess of feelings)

Why Season 3 is the worst season of “Supernatural”

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