Great SPN FanFics

Where Angels Tread – a crossover with Merlin, Sherlock and Doctor Who. Sam gets zapped back in time to Camelot and Dean rushes to save him with the help of the Doctor. It’s an AMAZING story and anyone who’s a fan of these shows needs to read it.

Fault Lines – a season 8 AU/possible ending. Amelia is working with Crowley and Benny is manipulating Dean. It’s only a few chapters, but it’s intense and captures Sam and Dean’s relationship so wonderfully. Although I’d hate for Benny to really turn out to be evil, this is still amazing.

In the Evening – a crossover with Twilight. And before anyone starts groaning, this fic has given Bella Swan a major personality overhaul and there is no Bella/Edward relationship. It was pretty much written to fix issues with the books. Adam Milligan moves to Forks around the same time as Bella and they both attract the attention of the Cullens. Also, Angela is Bobby niece and Rufus is coming to town. The author has promised that Sam & Dean will also make appearances and I seriously love this story. It’s a WIP at the moment, unfortunately.

Week at Bobby’s – a Wee!Chesters fic with little Sam and Dean staying at Bobby’s for a week. It’s adorable, it’s heartwarming, it’s cute… It’s perfect. And you guys should also check out My Boys by the same author, which is the story of Bobby meeting little Sam and Dean for the first time. Also cute, adorable and heartwarming.

And the Devil Makes Three – a Hallucifer fic. Sam is struggling to deal with the Lucifer hallucinations and Dean’s there to be awesome and help him through it. I love this fic so much words can’t describe it.

Losercest – one of the most hilarious and fucked up things I’ve ever read. Crowley gets bored and writers SPN fanfiction. It’s perfect.

The Other Shoe – a heartbreaking oneshot. Sam talking a little about what Hell was like for him and Dean having a horrifying revelation about what Lucifer did to his brother.

Whiskey – one of the most soul-shattering Wee!chesters fics ever. John gets drunk and does and says things he really regrets and Dean has to protect Sammy. It’s not brutally abusive, but John does hit Sam. And there’s an alternate ending where John goes farther than just losing his temper and hitting Sam once. I cried until I couldn’t feel anything.

The Devil Doesn’t Cry – Lucifer’s thoughts on killing Gabriel. I teared up reading this one.

Darkest Before Dawn – a season 8 AU written before season 8 started. Sam is desperate to find Dean and gets help from the Alpha Vamp. John, Bobby, Ash, Ellen and even Mary get to make awesome appearances in this fic and it was seriously amazing.

Reliving the Nightmare – Lucifer wants to know why Sam’s scared of clowns. So he decides to find out. I really love this fic.

Advanced Placement – A hilarious story about Crowley seriously regretting kidnapping Kevin Tran. He had no idea how annoying a genius could be.

  1. isismama says:

    I just read Losercest and Advanced Placement. Hilarious!

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