My SPN FanFics

I write fanfiction a lot and recently, have been writing quite a lot of SPN fanfiction because, well, why the hell not? Anyway, here’s a list of all the fanfictions I’ve published with SPN characters:

Somebody that I Used to Know – A crossover with Criminal Minds. WARNING for slash and unusual pairing (John Winchester/Jason Gideon)

Holding You Together – A crossover with Criminal Minds. WARNING for slash (Sam Winchester/Spencer Reid) though extremely mild and mostly friendship. Also, not too fond of this one, but my friends liked it.

Fangirls, UnSubs and Classic Cars – A crossover with Criminal Minds. A long oneshot about the BAU meeting Sam and Dean and Prentiss & JJ fangirling.

And the Devil Spoke the Truth – a oneshot about Sam’s time in the Cage. Fairly short and mostly exposition with a scene of Lucifer taunting Sam at the end.

Lies Between Brothers – my fix-it for the beginning of season 8 in which Sam DID look for Dean. Short and a bit angsty.

Armageddon – a MASSIVE crossover with Doctor Who, Criminal Minds, Torchwood, The Mentalist, Psych, NCIS and Sherlock. It’s a story about “The Year of Hell” in which the Master took over earth and looks at what these fandoms went through during that time. Work in Progress.

You Fight Those Fairies! – Sam and Dean killing the Cullen family. Enough said.

The Past Can’t Be Rewritten – Crossover with Doctor Who. Sam begs the Doctor to let him go back and fix how his life turned out. It’s short and angsty.

The Family Business – My horribly angsty version of Sam leaving for Stanford.

A Light in the Darkness – Set pre-series. A look into Sam’s time at Stanford and his struggle to remove himself from his past. Lots of angst, lots of Sam and plenty of Dean.

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