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Okay, so everyone’s talking about last night’s backdoor pilot for the Supernatural spin-off. I figured I’d weigh in with my opinion…

Honestly? I am still undecided. It was an interesting episode–of a show that was not SPN. It did not feel like a spin-off and it certainly didn’t feel like a “backdoor pilot”. It was a pilot that basically interrupted the story of this season. If they were going to do it the way they did they really should have just given the show a real pilot. I’ve seen a lot of backdoor pilots, and they do not shove out the characters of the original show in favor of the other characters. The purpose of a backdoor pilot is the introduce views to the characters without doing an official pilot. The focus should always remain on the main characters of the original–it’s fine to have heavier focus on the spin-off characters, but they should NOT take away so much from the main cast. Especially when the main cast is only TWO CHARACTERS.

I don’t really know why this show is a spin-off. It does not feel like a spin-off. It feels like its own show that Sam and Dean Winchester happened to have cameos in. I’m honestly not sure why this was supposed to be a spin-off of the series considering the only real elements it has in common with SPN are the monsters. Nothing else.It’s an entirely different type of show with an entirely different type of premise–it’s not about monster hunters, it’s about monster gangsters. It’s not like the CW doesn’t already have television shows about monsters or groups of monsters fighting.

Which leads me to the premise of the show: not very original. I’ve seen it done before (and better). I’m not really a huge fan of these types of shows, so I didn’t think I would enjoy it. That being said, I did like the characters and probably would have loved them if they hadn’t pushed the spotlight totally away from Sam and Dean.

I’ll admit, I am still wary of the show. I’d probably be thrilled about it if it weren’t for two things: it’s a spin-off, and it’s on the CW. I hate most CW shows. (In fact–I hate them all except SPN…) And I don’t like poorly done spin-offs like this. Spin-offs should work like The Sarah Jane Adventures or Torchwood, which took existing elements of Doctor Who and expanded on them. Or (loathe as I am to mention this) like the CSI spin-offs, which took the same premise and gave it new characters in a new city with slightly different dynamics.

Supernatural Bloodlines does neither. It’s got a new premise and new characters. Like I said, the only existing thing they took from the show were the monsters.

So… I’m hopeful, but wary. I did like the characters, for the most part. I did think it was an interesting concept, even if it’s been done to death before. Maybe they can make it something new. Even if it’s the same thing I’ve seen before, I can still enjoy it. Familiarity isn’t always a bad thing. The biggest issue I have is characters and plot. It has the characters, now I’m just waiting to see if it can deliver on the plot.

I really wish they hadn’t tied it to SPN, because that seems like it’s going to (and already has, as a matter of fact) hurt the show. SPN fans don’t seem too thrilled with the backdoor pilot (taking the Winchesters out of most of the episode was a BAD MOVE, CW), but a few (myself included) are still willing to give it a chance if they decide to go forward it.

Just… I hope they tread carefully. They’re entering dangerous waters. As long as they don’t throw out over-used and boring cliches and keep the characters interesting, I am willing to watch and see how it pans out. It’s not a show I can see myself obsessing over and falling in love with like Supernatural, but it is conceivably a show that I can see myself enjoying.

So here’s to hoping they don’t sink this ship before it can sail.

I’m not dead, I swear!

Sorry for not posting ANYTHING in so long. I planned on doing a post on the mid-season finale, but I live in the middle of Nowhere, USA so my internet isn’t the most reliable and my mom’s laptop (which I’m still using because mine is still busted) is slow and has IE 8 which is just ridiculous to try and do nearly anything on. Plus, new semester (last semester before I get my AA this May! Yay!), a car accident, and other real life things got in the way.

Though, mostly it’s because I’ve been writing for other things. Fanfiction, mainly. I’ve been working on a massive, multi-fandom crossover (yes, Supernatural most definitely is a part of it) for over a year and it’s just recently broken 200K and is not finished or really near finished. I’m scared it’ll end up being 300K or more by the time I actually finish it. And I wrote over 100K on a Hannibal/Criminal Minds crossover. Plus working on original work and trying desperately to find a job…

Plus I’ve been working on a recap/analysis/sporking/whatever the hell you want to call it for Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series on my FB. I’m thinking very seriously of creating a separate blog to do reviews and such to post it on. (Anyone interested? That’d probably help me make the decision…)

But enough excuses. I’m sorry and I’m back.

Since I’ve been absent so long it’s probably a good time to talk a little about the last few episodes that I haven’t mentioned yet…

Most important order of business:


And it broke me and I cried and I threw things. The only small comfort I have is that Kevin was technically a Winchester. They adopted him. They have to bring him back because otherwise I’ll murder things.

Cas is an angel again (and who else totally loved him and Crowley acting like children? That was sort of awesome…)

Crowley has never been more loved by me, seriously. Sometimes I honestly forget that he’s supposed to be evil because he’s so goddamn awesome I just want to explode.


I died.

But I’m running out of time.

I’ll post tomorrow about tonight’s episode because I’m super-excited for that. Garth is back! Yay!

And now please enjoy this photo of Timothy Omundson as Cain. Because holy fuck, just look at him.



Get excited everyone! Supernatural‘s ninth season starts tonight at nine! (At least here in the US – I’m not sure about airing times outside the country). The first episode is titled, “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here” and I am so excited I can hardly wait. Lucky me I’ve got some essays to write to distract me and give me things to do.

If I had a more reliable internet connection (and my personal laptop wasn’t out of commission) I’d promise a post later tonight (midnight my time so that everyone should get a chance to see the episode) about my thoughts – nothing long or fancy, of course, just a few words on my reaction. However, I’m honestly not sure if I’ll be able to and my thoughts might have to wait ’til Thursday. I will try though.

I’m just so glad to finally get back to Sam and Dean. (And Cas!) I’ve been watching season 8 on my DVDs and the special features and commentaries and it is just not enough. Pretty much every fandom I’m a part of (except Doctor Who and Sherlock and Hannibal) have already started their new seasons – I’ve just been waiting (im)patiently for SPN to get back so I can find out what the heck is happening.

But now all that waiting is (nearly) over and we’re just a few hours away from the premier episode!

To get you guys pumped, here’s a clip from tonight’s episode!

I don’t know if you guys have heard or not, but Danneel recently tweets that she gave birth to the long awaited Ackles baby!!

Her name is Justice Jay and she was born on May 30.

I am absolutely positive the Danneel and Jensen are going to be wonderful parents and that little girl is going to have an amazing, supportive family to grow up in!

So I hope you’ll all join me in congratulating Jensen and Danneel!!

I have officially survived more than a week after the Supernatural finale. I find that to be a miracle considering that last Saturday I watched the Doctor Who finale and Thursday was the Elementary finale and this Wednesday was the Criminal Minds finale that SPOILER ALERT killed off a character they were just starting to develop properly. Those bastards.

But anyway, what I want to talk about today is the fact that I’ve been having these really aggravating arguments with people and was recently called a hypocrite BY MY OWN MOTHER for the way I act about Supernatural.

Basically, the gist of the story is: I despise Twilight with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns. And I am vocal about that hatred. Then, someone said that they thought the recent season of Supernatural was stupid and the storyline was idiotic. I flipped my shit, guys, I will not lie. It utterly pissed me off. I didn’t flip out on the person who said it, but I did rant about it for a while to my brother and my mom overheard and told me I was getting upset for someone doing the same thing that I do to Twilight.

That made me stop and think because I never, EVER want to be compared to the crazy Twilight fangirls that scare the shit out of me.

Look, to be clear, everyone can have their own opinion and I get that there are people who just don’t like Supernatural. I can even accept that there are people who legitimately like Twilight. If everyone had the same opinions the world would be boring.

However, I do have to defend myself a bit: yes, I am a totally insane fangirl and yes, if you insult the fandoms I am a part of I will be very quick to argue my points. But the thing is, I LIKE arguing with people about that stuff. Not screaming, yelling, tossing insults, etc. of course. Just a good debate.

The difference between me and the fangirls I don’t like is that I won’t tell someone that they’re an idiot simply because they say that they don’t like something I happen to adore.

In the case of Supernatural, there are many fans who don’t like to hear negative things said about the show, but I’m not one of them. Hell, I think I rant enough about the show that some people probably have to wonder why I’m so in love with. There are things about the show that I despise with such intensity that thinking about them upsets me.

I can go on for hours about the shitty things I hate Dean for doing, about the stupid choices Sam has made and about how much John Winchester pissed me off. Yet, I love them all.

I’m not one of those fangirls who thinks my fandom is above reproach. I don’t think Supernatural is perfect. What I do think, however, is that it is brilliant. I think the show is a lot deeper than some people think. I think the storyline (especially this season) is unique and beautiful. I think the relationship between Sam and Dean is amazing. I think Supernatural has some of the best actors ever on their show. I think the special effects are phenomenal. (And have improved dramatically since season 1.) I think the beauty of the show is that despite its flaws, it’s still remarkable and tells a story people are interested in. A story that I am very much in love with, with characters I care about.

I want people to stop assuming that being part of a fandom means that fangirls are the devotedly insane type of people who will bite your hand off for insulting their favorite character.

Seriously, go ahead and tell me how much you hate Sam Winchester. I have a very close friend who actually despises Sam to the point that she will write fanfictions with him being tortured just because. She’s a bit twisted, mind you, but it doesn’t bother me. In fact, we have some interesting debates about the show and other fandoms because we actually don’t agree on much of anything except that we love the shows.

I enjoy those kind of debates, talking about the nature of characters and what their choices mean and whether or not they were a “bad” character. It’s interesting and I learn things doing that.

Basically, what I’m saying is: I might be overly protective of my fandoms, I might get upset when someone goes to a site dedicated to loving the show and says it’s stupid, but if you’ve got actual reasons backing you up and aren’t just an idiotic troll, then I completely and utterly do not care that you have a differing opinion.

No one can convince me that Supernatural isn’t awesome, but then again, I doubt I could convince someone that it IS awesome if they’re so deadest on hating it so there’s that.

I think I’m done now… I need to go prepare myself for watching the re-run of “As Time Goes By” tonight. Because I’m a masochist and I wanna rip open the scars.

I wasn’t going to do a post today, or any posts at all about the SPN NJCon because I DIDN’T GET TO GO. (I’m totally not bitter about this guys, I swear. ) But then I recently saw the “We Will Support Jensen Forever” was trending worldwide on twitter and I was confused. I always support Jensen Ackles because he is a wonderful man and I admire him very much, but clearly something happened that I wasn’t aware of to cause this.

After a bit of digging on Facebook and tumblr, and a YouTube video sent to me by a friend, I discovered the reason.

Apparently, there was quite a bit of upset over a fan’s question to Jensen.

For clarification, I’m going again remind you that I was not there and nearly all of this is from secondary sources (except one very important piece which I think settles the matter quite nicely).

So, apparently a fan started to ask a question about Dean (the character) possibly being bisexual. I watched the video and I can’t hear everything very well, but she states first the she herself is bisexual and was curious about the currently subtext on the show about Dean’s character. She get’s to the word “subtext” and the crowd starts booing her.

I can’t hear Jensen’s response very well, but it SOUNDS like he says “The first question!” or something along those lines. Possibly because this isn’t the first time he’s been asked about Dean’s sexuality (it isn’t) and possibly because the fans in the crowd are being assholes ON THE VERY FIRST QUESTION.

Either way, he didn’t get the hear the entire question or respond to it at all because the girl was led away and people began making a big deal out of it saying that JENSEN was being rude, homophobic and reacted badly.

How? It was the CROWD who reacted badly, not Jensen. It was the crowd that booed the girl. It was the crowd that became volatile enough that she didn’t get to finish asking her completely not-offensive question.

So, after watching the video, I followed links in the comments that lead me to the mystery girl’s tumblr blog that she created to help explain and diffuse the situation after she realized what had happened.

First, here’s her entire question as she meant to ask it:

I’ve loved seeing Dean’s character become more comfortable with himself this season. As a bisexual, I’ve noticed some possible subtext, as seen in Everybody Hates Hitler, that Dean might be coming to accept himself as something other than straight too? I know you’ve said you know Dean better than anyone, so, in your professional opinion, as the preeminent scholar on Dean Winchester, if you see that as a valid interpretation of what’s going on with the character this season. 

See, that. Not offensive. Just a simple, totally acceptable question that, frankly, I’d have loved to know Jensen’s answer to, but because the crowd reacted so poorly, he didn’t even hear the whole question and couldn’t respond.

“The Mystery Girl” is clearly not offended by Jensen or Clif or Jared and how they reacted and responded.

Basically, what I’m saying is, please, please stop harassing Jensen and the SPN crew/cast. NONE OF THEM HAVE DONE ANYTHING, AT ALL, TO OFFEND THE LGBT COMMUNITY. Nothing Jensen did was homophobic. He didn’t insult the girl or force her to leave.

He is being made out to be a villain, when it was clearly the crowd that was too immature to handle her question. And it is fans like that who make me ashamed of being associated with the SPN fandom sometimes. Seriously. Grow up. And for fuck’s sake, leave Jensen alone because he did nothing wrong.

I encourage you guys to go check out her tumblr blog if you want more info about this, because that’s where I got a lot of this from.

As many of you should be aware, on this day, March 1, 1978 God decided to break the hearts of millions by creating perfection in human form and called it Jensen Ackles.

So, in honor of Jensen’s 35th birthday, I’d like to wish him a very happy, wonderful birthday and say that it is in no way creepy that I have over 30 pictures of him on my laptop alone. (And I refuse to reveal the number of photos I have of Jared. That’d just make everyone uncomfortable.)

Anyway, since it’s Jensen’s birthday I’m just going to ramble on a bit about how much I hate him. No, seriously. Jensen is just too damn perfect and it hurts so much and I think I might cry just thinking about how unfair life is and how he has, for the past several episodes of Supernatural, made me cry like a baby.

This madness has to stop, Jensen. Stop being so perfect. Stop being so awesome. Now. I’m a SamGirl and I am telling you, right now, STOP HURTING MY FEELS. It’s undignified the amount of tears I’ve shed thanks to you these past few weeks.

Jensen’s probably one of my favorite actors. He’s just… There aren’t words for how amazing he is. But it’s not fair. No one should be allowed to be this perfect and talented and wonderful. (As a note: I want Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, Mark Sheppard to know that they too are just too perfect for their own good.)

Anyway, I’ll keep this short.

Here, on my tiny, sad little WordPress blog, I declare my undying love and support of Jensen (in case it wasn’t already clear) and wish him a happy birthday!

But seriously, look at this face and tell me it wasn’t created with the sole intent of breaking hearts:

Clearly, God is a woman.

Clearly, God is a woman.