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So, last night/tonight’s SPN episode was amazing and we got to learn more about witches, which was very cool. Since I’m sick, but my medicine hasn’t allowed me to sleep yet, I decided to post a few thoughts on the episode here…

Maybe it’s because I just started reading the 2nd Dresden Files book, but I totally kept expecting Harry Dresden to show up, he would’ve fit perfectly into tonight’s episode. I mean, the SPN witches are very close to the Dresden Files witches and Harry being a Wizard and PI, it would make perfect sense for me him to show up. But that’s just my newest addiction bleeding through. Probably.

But in all seriousness, Harry would’ve been helpful and maybe it’s also my strange obsession with crossovers, but I can see it all so perfectly in my head. Come on, tell me it doesn’t make absolutely perfect sense. Anyway.

I loved getting to see into the witch community. We’ve never gotten to do that before and it was very interesting and I loved Portia and her interaction with Sam and Dean… Ah, Dean was so cute when he said “I like dogs,” and I was just shaking my head. Oh Dean. Don’t you ever change. (As a side note, I’m actually pretty damn proud of Dean for not once saying the word “bestiality” in the whole episode…)

I was actually shedding HAPPY tears at the end of this episode. Which, for SPN, is remarkable in and of itself. That’s hardly ever (if ever…) happened. But Dean calling Sam “Sammy” gets me every time and he’s done it a couple of times this season and it makes my heart swell and I just… Aw…

Also, going off on a bit of tangent, but… Sam’s confrontation with Dean about Dean not being able to trust anyone but himself… Okay, first, yeah, Sam’s probably right about that (though I think Dean wanting to protect Sam is a big motivational factor…) but I just was like… “Wait, I… I’m the exact same way. Are you… are you telling me wanting to do something yourself because you don’t trust anyone else to do it right is BAD? Shit…” Seriously. I end up doing shit I don’t want to do, simply because I don’t think anyone else can do it the way it’s supposed to be done. Is that really a bad thing?? I suppose maybe it is. Damn it. Anyway, moving on.

After Dean was all, “I DO trust you,” and everything, I was smiling and my eyes were watering from happy tears… Then Sam started coughing. At first, I was like “Oh look, Sam’s got the same damn flu I do…” Then blood came out of his mouth. And I was like “Shit. What the hell is that?” For half a second, I thought he was gonna say something to Dean, then he just wiped the blood away and was all “I’m good,” and I just screamed “YOU FUCKING LIAR!!”

What the fuck, Sam? What… How long have you been hiding this? What’s going on? Why won’t you tell Dean? I’M SO CONFUSED. Dude, Sam, you JUST got of my “Winchesters I Wanna Punch in the Face” list LAST episode. Now, Dean’s the one off the hook and you’re BACK ON IT. You couldn’t even go a couple of episodes without getting back on my list, could you? DAMN IT. I hate Winchesters. I just hate them. Except Adam. ‘Cos he certainly doesn’t deserve my hate.

That whole “coughing up blood” thing came out of freaking NOWHERE. There were no warning signs, no hints earlier in the episode that something was going on with Sam. Nothing to indicate that we should be suspicious or worry about him and then BAM. Sam’s coughing blood and NOT SAYING A DAMN THING ABOUT IT. What. The. Fuck?

I can’t even wrap my head around this. Is this a result of the “Trials” thing? Has this been happening and he just hasn’t said anything? Is he sick? Is he dying? Did someone put a spell on him? (Hah, actually, a friend came up with a hilarious crack!theory of Amelia being a witch and hexing him… Riot, the dog, was obviously Amelia’s familiar in this scenario… I love my friends.)

*sighs* I guess there really is no way for me to win with this damn show. Supernatural is determined to screw with my head until it explodes from the pressure of the constant mind fucks. Not to mention the emotional TORTURE that the show puts me through. Jeesh.

Remind me again why I watch this show? Oh, right. It’s awesome.

I should be institutionalized.

Episode 1×06: Skin (PART TWO)

Written by: John Shiban

Directed by: Robert Duncan McNeill

Originally Aired: October 18, 2005


When we rejoin our heroes they’re down in the dark, dank sewers of St. Louis searching for a murderous shape shifter. They find a pile of icky looking goop that honestly made me a little sick to my stomach. Seriously, I saw an ear in that thing! *gags*

So they realizes that the thing sheds its skin whenever it shifts, which is… disgusting. And they realizes it’s using the sewers to get around, which is also gross. They climb back out of the sewers and gather their silver bullets, because that is how you kill all shape shifters, and guns and get ready to go back down into the sewers that night. Then Sam gets a call from Rebecca that goes like this:

Rebecca: Where are you?
Sam: We’re right near Zach’s. We’re just checking some things out.
Rebecca: Well look, Sam, stop, ’cause I really don’t need your help anymore.
Sam: What’re you talking about?
Rebecca: I told the lawyers that we went to the crime scene.
Sam: [grimacing] Why would you do that?
Rebecca: Well, I told them that we were with a police officer, and they checked it out and they told me that there is no ‘Detective Dean Winchester’
Sam: Beck –
Rebecca: No, I don’t understand why you would lie to me about something like that.
Sam: …We were trying to help.
Rebecca: Oh, trying to help? Do you realize that that was a sealed crime scene? You could’ve just ruined Zach’s case!
Sam: Becky, I’m sorry, but –
Rebecca: No! Goodbye, Sam!

First off, I get it. She’s pissed. This seriously could’ve screwed up her brother’s case because tampering with a crime scene is illegal. However, Sam raises a good question. Why the hell did she tell them? And also, she really shouldn’t be this mad at Sam for nearly screwing up her brother’s case because she stole evidence, which is also illegal and could probably get her and her brother into a lot of trouble if they found out about that. So why the heck did she even bring up the visit to the lawyers in the first place?

Also… totally random, but “Detective Dean Winchester” has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

So, Sam’s all upset because Becky’s made at him for lying and Dean sighs and gets all big-brother-y and tells him that he’s sorry, but that’s just the way it is. You lie to your friends, because the real you is terrifying and the truth is awful and it screws everything up so it’s just better to be without friends.

Then Dean smiles and hands Sam his gun with that adorable big-brother grin of his and says:

“But this life, it’s not without its perks,”

So, then they’re down in the sewers again. They come across another glob of that disgusting skin-stuff and then they spot the shifter, still wearing the face of Business Man. He attacks them, they shoot but I guess it’s dark and the thing moves fast because they don’t even injure it. It hits Dean pretty hard in his shoulder and Sam pauses to help him while the shifter gets away. They chase it out into the street and can’t spot it. Which is believable since it can become ANYONE.

Then they do the stupidest thing you can possibly do whenever you’re hunting a monster that can literally change its face to look like whoever it wants. They split up.

Argh. WHY!? Why, Sam? Why, Dean? Why would you possibly think that splitting up while chasing down a shifter is a good idea???

So they search the streets but find no sign of the shifter, they meet up around the block and decide to head back to the car. As they’re walking, Dean gets cut off by a car and its headlights flash in his eyes, making them silver. Oh joy, Dean not Dean. Some evil, twisted part of me is so glad that this happened because I just couldn’t stop grinning whenever I realized that the shifter had taken Dean’s form.

Anyway, they go back to the car and Sam is already suspicious, which stands a testament to just how well these two brothers know each other. He tosses Dean the keys and when he catches them with his injured arm, Sam pulls out his gun and demands to know where his brother his. “Dean” is convincing… really convincing. I mean, if I hadn’t seen the silver flash I would’ve doubted Sam was right.

Sam is clearly doubtful enough to not want to risk shooting his own brother, which give the shifter a chance to knock Sam out with a crowbar. One word: OUCH. That had to be painful.

Sam wakes up back in the sewers again, this time all tied and… … … … …


Sorry. Drifted off into dreamland for a moment. Anyway. Sam’s tied up and the shifter appears and Jensen Ackles is such a wonderful actor. I’m mean… seriously, this scene. I love it so much because he’s just… goddamn perfect, that’s what he is.

Anyway, the shifter starts taunting Sam and tells him that he thought his life was awful ’til he learned about theirs and he tells him that Dean’s got issues with Sam because Sam abandoned the family to go to school and he got to have a normal life while Dean had to stay back with their dad and carry on. Then he stops saying “Dean” and starts saying “I” which only makes the whole thing creepier as he sort of… “becomes” Dean and assumes his identity.

He talks about how everyone leaves him, even their dad, and how he got stuck having to take care of Sam and how he hated it all and how it wasn’t fair and how their dad loved Sam more and paid more attention to Sam than he ever did to Dean and the whole thing sort of broke my heart because I’m sure that Dean really feels that way about a lot of things. Especially about people abandoning him. Nothing and no one means more to Dean than family, and his family is constantly leaving him and he blames himself. Sometimes I just want to hug him and say “It’s not you, Dean, it’s them!”

Dean’s self-loathing is right up there with characters like the Doctor from Doctor who or Patrick Jane from the Mentalist. (I admit, I think he hates himself more than Jane…)

Anyway. He starts talking about Becky and gets all cocky and then he leaves.

Then we get to the scene where the intro started. “Dean” is with Becky, talking to her and telling her about shape shifters and how the thing is lonely and just wants to be loved and sounding very much like a serial killer at the moment. He says something (we don’t get to hear) that makes Becky freak out and call him disgusting and he comes towards her and she says she’ll call the cops and he rips the cord from the wall and ties her hands with it.

Then the SWAT team arrive… I guess a neighbor heard her screaming or something since she never got to call 911. Anyway, they go into the room where “Dean” is standing near a balcony and still holding the bloody knife. He turns around and they tell him to drop the knife. He throws it, killing on guy and dives from the balcony. Their bullets don’t affect him if they hit him, which I guess makes sense since he’s not human. He runs away.

While this is going on, Sam is trying to get out of his ropes and Dean hears him and we finally see Dean tied up a few feet behind Sam. They talk about the shifter and how he was “downloading” Dean’s thoughts and “becoming” him (still creepy) and Dean gets free and helps Sam get free and they head out of the sewers.

They spot a news report with a sketch of Dean and hear about the attack on Becky. They head toward her place to see if the Impala is still there and cops swoop in. Dean manages to escape and Sam says he’ll hold them off and wants Dean to stay out of the sewers.

Now here’s where things confuse me. Sam clearly got released the next morning. Dean ignored Sam’s warnings and goes into the sewers alone, the next morning. Sam goes to see Becky. She looks totally fine and not injured at all and he finds this totally normal. He explains to her about shape shifters. Dean finds the REAL Becky tied up in the sewers, bruised and bloody. She says she was walking home and got hit over the head and she woke up in time to see the shifter turn into her.

So… Becky was attacked the night before, right? She was pretty bloody and bruised. I suppose, if SWAT showed up fast enough, she wasn’t horribly injured, but she looked pretty rough in any case. She would’ve at least needed a few stitches. Aside from Sam not thinking about that (perhaps he didn’t really consider that…?), why the hell was Becky walking home by herself after being attacked in her home by her friend’s brother? Why was she not still in the hospital? Or answering police questions?

Also, why the hell aren’t her parents back yet? They were getting a flight back home a week ago. Were there no flights? Was there a storm in France that prevented them from getting home? Yeah, I’m being nit-picky, but the whole deal with Becky is the one thing I’ve never been able to figure out. I get that the shifter would assume Sam and Dean would go to Becky’s place after he realized they’d escaped, but I don’t understand why Sam and Dean didn’t assume Becky was in the hospital after being attacked and I really don’t get why Becky WASN’T in the hospital after she was attacked… Did she just refuses medical help and then decide to walk home after being brutally attacked in her own home??

Anywho, “Becky” hits Sam over the head with a beer bottle, which knocks him out. When Sam comes to again, the shifter has turned back into Dean. My guess, he likes Dean. (Okay, that’s not really a guess, the shifter says he likes Dean’s skin. Which is creepy.)

So Sam has his hands tied again and is at the mercy of “Dean”. The shifter searches for some kitchen knives and Sam assures him that they’ll never catch Dean, but the shifter says that even if they don’t, he’ll be a wanted man forever for killing his own brother.

He gloats some more and shoves a large kitchen knife into the pool table while Sam is lying on the floor all tied up. Sam kicks him and knocks him down, uses the knife to cut his ropes and then he and the shifter start to fight. The shifter is still talking like he IS Dean and also beating the crap out of Sam. Sam’s good, but the shifter must be pretty strong… He throws Sam into a book case and climbs on top of him, starting to strangle him while Sam struggles to not die.

Then the real Dean, and Becky, show up and Dean shoots “Dean” in the heart and rips his necklace off the shifters neck (which I guess the shifter stole) and looks over at Sam all meaningfully.

So the monster’s dead and the police have a dead body of a serial killer. They find some of Zach’s stolen clothes and the other victim’s DNA down in the sewer where Becky must’ve told them she was held. They conclude that Dean Winchester was the guy who committed all the attacks and he’s dead so hurray for them.

They drive off after a brief talk with Becky. Dean tells Sam that he’s sorry he has to live this life and that he wishes that Sam could have that normal life and Sam smiles.

Sam: Truth is, even at Stanford, deep down I never really fit in.
Dean: Oh, that ’cause you’re a freak.
Sam: Yeah, thanks.
Dean: I’m a freak too… Right there with you all the way.
Sam: [smiles] Yeah, I know you are.
Dean: …You know, I gotta say… I’m sorry I’m gonna miss it.
Sam: Miss what?
Dean: How many chances am I gonna have to see my own funeral?

And with that beautiful conversion, they end the episode and I’m somehow, impossibly more in love with these two brilliant characters than before.

Episode 1×06: Skin  (PART ONE)

Written by: John Shiban

Directed by: Robert Duncan McNeill

Originally Aired: October 18, 2005


Because this post was ridiculously long once I wrote it all out, I’m breaking the episode “Skin” into two parts.

Let me just start this post by saying that “Skin” is my favorite season 1 episode, hands down. I have seen this episode 15 times already, and that number is likely to rise in the next few months. There’s just something about the Shifter (and particularly, about Shape Shifter!Dean) that is fascinating to me in a really, really wonderful way. This episode is the result of more half-cocked, ludicrous fanfiction ideas in my head than any other episode of this season… It was the episode where I *knew* I was going to be obsessively scrolling fanfiction archives to read about these two brothers.

So, once we get through the recap that prefaces nearly every episode of Supernatural (and I admit, there are times when they annoy me, but I’ve grown rather fond of the frequent recaps and have learned to pay attention, because they tell you what characters and monsters we’re gonna see in the coming episode), we’re in a dark room in St. Louis, Missouri, with a woman tied to a chair, bloody and terrified while a SWAT team sneaks in.

She tells them her attacker is through another door and they enter, catching the guy, with his back to them and tell him to freeze.

He turns around and… Holy shit, it’s Dean! He’s dirty and covered in blood and there’s a horribly evil look in his eyes that sent shivers down my spine. My mind immediately tried to come up with reasons for why Dean was there and what was going on, but the most I could think of was “Obviously, there’s something I’m missing,” I know Dean would never, ever hurt an innocent woman. Right?

Then we cut to “One Week Earlier” and Sam and Dean are at a gas station, gassing up and Sam’s checking emails on his phone or… Digital assistant thingy… I’m not sure. Not important anyway. Dean is surprised that Sam still talks to his friends from school and asks what he tells them.

Sam: I tell ’em I’m on a road trip with my big brother. I tell ’em… I needed some time off, after Jess…
Dean: Oh, so you lie to them.
Sam: No! I just don’t tell them… everything.
Dean: Yeah, that’s called lying. I mean, hey man, I get it. Tellin’ them the truth is far worse.
Sam: So what am I supposed to do, just cut everybody out of my life?
Dean: [shrugs]

Remember this. It becomes a pretty big theme of the show. Sam and Dean are just not allowed to have friends or lovers or… well, be happy, really. It’s Rule No. 1 in the Supernatural universe. Also, the whole “lying” thing here I find interesting. Sam might hate hunting, in fact, at this point in time, I’m sure he does. But what I do not understand, and never have understood, is why he seems so surprised here about the fact that they have to lie to people and Dean has to tell him that people don’t and won’t accept the truth.

Sam’s been raised in this life, ya know? He should already be aware of that. Since he was a kid his dad and brother have taught him the ins and outs of hunting and let’s just be honest for a second, Sam’s a damn good hunter. He might hate it, but he’s good at it. (We’ll ignore the fact that much of season 1 was Dean saving Sam… Sam was rusty after going so long not hunting and that’s my personal theory there) Sam should be used to hiding who he is and what his family does, considering he’s done it HIS ENTIRE LIFE. He never told Jessica the truth, I’m sure his friends in high school never knew the truth and in fact, he’s still keeping that secret because he never told Amelia *gags* the truth about his past either.

Anyway, Sam gets an email from his friend Rebecca who tells him that her brother Zach, another friend of Sam’s, has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his girlfriend. Rebecca is absolutely sure Zach is innocent, but the police have a pretty solid case against him what with video evidence and DNA linking him to the crime and all. Sounds to me like Rebecca just doesn’t want to accept that her brother is a murderer, and Dean agrees with me.

But Sam, ever the compassionate optimist (which WILL get him into trouble, mark my words), insist that they have to help. I’m curious about just how two young guys, one of whom definitely has a criminal record at this point, with no jobs and no power over the legal system are going to help here. Dean is also confused by how they can help. Sam says they’re his friends and they’re going to help. Obviously, this means they go to St. Louis to “help”, though I’m still not sure how they can. Obviously, something supernatural is going on and I’m sure Zach is innocent, but… Sam doesn’t know anything weird is happening, he’s just going to help a friend. It’s sweet, but seems kinda pointless and like a lost cause. My guess is, Dean just decided to humor him because he just cares that much about his little brother.

So they arrive in St. Louis at a huge mansion and we meet Rebecca, a pretty blond girl who looks so happy to see Sam. There’s a strange line where he calls her “Little Becky”, which seems a bit out of place to me. She looks older than him… Though, she definitely is shorter than him. Pretty much everyone is “little” to Sam though, because Jared Padalecki is a friking giant.

Jared Padalecki seen here, being extra super tall with his wife, Genevieve.

Jared Padalecki seen here, being extra super tall with his wife, Genevieve.

She leads them into the kitchen, says her parents are still in Paris where they live half the year. I can only deduce that these people are filthy rich by the looks of the house that they’re in. She tells them about what happened to Zach’s girlfriend. Funnily enough, I have no remembrance of the dead girlfriend’s name…

Apparently, Zach got home late after having a few beers with his sister until “at least midnight” and found his girlfriend blood and beaten and tied to a chair. Becky doesn’t mention whether or not she was raped, but from things that happen later, I can assume she probably was. He calls 911 and when the cops show up, they arrest Zach. I’m not sure if that’s really how police work, though I do know Zach would certainly be a suspect being so close to the victim and also discovering the body.

They put the time of death at around 10:30 that night, meaning Zach couldn’t possibly have done it, right? Because he has an alibi. Haha, WRONG. The police have a surveillance tape that shows Zach coming home at around the time of death. Which is impossible, because he was with Becky until 12. Sam asks to see the crime scene and tells Becky that Dean is a cop. Dean, being Dean, looks a little shocked at Sam’s lie for a second, then smoothly goes along with it, correcting Sam and saying he’s a detective.

So, they illegally break into the crime scene and look around and Sam tries to convince Dean that something weird is going on and Zach couldn’t be two places at once and they’re his friends so can they please just look around and make sure. There’s a dog that’s going nuts and apparently dogs are sensitive to the paranormal. Dean admits that maybe something is weird about this, but he’s still not sure. You mean the psychotic dog didn’t convince you, Dean? For shame! What kind of hunter are you?

They ask Becky if she can get the surveillance tape because Dean doesn’t really have any jurisdiction here and Becky admits she already has a copy, because she swiped it from the lawyer to “see for herself”. That strikes me as a bit strange, considering how very, very illegal that is and also given her reaction to finding out Dean’s not a cop. But more on that later.

We cut to “Zach” sitting on a park bench or something, watching this business man kiss his wife goodbye before driving away. His eyes flash silver, which is freaking creepy, and then he smiles. Hey, I wonder if he’s about to do something evil? Ha, of course he is!

Then we’re back with Sam and Dean as they in Becky’s parents’ mansion again as they watch the tape, seeing a weird eye-flare whenever “Zach” glances toward the camera. I find it amusing how these things always look toward the camera to give them a shot of the weird silver flare that shows up when they do. Sam reasons that maybe it’s some dark double of Zach’s, kind of like and evil twin or something. Dean says maybe and agrees that this could possibly maybe kinda be their sort of case. Really, Dean? Still not convinced? Jeesh.

Anyway, then we cut to the business man, coming home early because his meeting was cancelled. The house is quiet and he sees blood on the walls and finds his wife, bloody and tied to a chair, sobbing into a gag. He rushes to her, freaked out, and undoes the gag, asking her what happened while she sobs and begs him not to hurt her. He’s still freaked and now he has blood all over his hands. He then hears a noise and realizes her attacker must still be in the house.

He creeps around cautiously and turns a corner to see… *insert dramatic pause here* HIMSELF. Dun dun dun.

“He” knocks himself out with a baseball bat. Then we cut to Sam and Dean again.

Dean’s whiny because it’s five thirty in the morning and he would clearly rather be sleeping, but Sam insist that this is important. He realizes that the security tape shows “Zach” entering, but not leaving and realizes that “Zach” must’ve gone out through the back.

Nah, really? *sigh* I would’ve figured that was a bit obvious, but I suppose they wouldn’t automatically assume that since they originally weren’t sure what was going on, so I won’t complain about it.

Anyway, Sam finds a blood trail, because, for some reason, the shifter wiped his bloody hands all over a street light post. Sure, why the heck not. Maybe he was all sticky from the torture and murder he’d just finished up and just couldn’t wait until he was somewhere safer to wipe it off. The trail apparently ends there since Dean casually looks around and sees absolutely no blood.

Then an ambulances passes and they follow it all the way to Business Man’s house, where he is being arrested for beating and torturing his wife. Luckily, this lady survived. Unluckily, she tells cops that, yes, her husband totally did it, even though he was driving home whenever she was attacked and couldn’t have done it. The cops think he’s crazy ‘cos he told them he saw the attacker in the house and it was like his clone or something.

Sam and Dean realizes that it’s unlikely they’re dealing with two “dark doubles” (I’m curious to know if that’s a real thing since we’ve never seen a “dark double” on the show…) and maybe it’s something that can change its shape and look like anyone. Therefore, it’s a shape shifter.

They follow a similar trail out the back door of Business Man’s house and the trail suddenly ends again. Sam wonders if shifters can fly, but Dean notices the sewer lid-thingy (whatever it’s called… I forgot and don’t feel like looking it up) so, logically, this means they must go into the sewers after it…

Episode 1×01: Pilot

Written by: Eric Kripke

Directed by: David Nutter

Originally Aired: September 13, 2005 (my 13th birthday, actually)

Before we start anything, let me just say that I have seen every episode of Supernatural to date and I can tell this story frontwards and backwards. I will try very hard not to talk about anything that happens at a later point in time, but if I do, please forgive me… Now, let’s jump right in there.

So the episode starts in Lawrence, Kansas in a quaint little house with a nice looking family. Daddy John, Mother Mary, little baby Sam and four year old Dean. The first sign we get of anything supernatural is after Sam is put to bed and lights start flicking inside his (creepy) nursery filled with dolls that make me wanna cry. I don’t know how that poor baby survived this.

Anyway, Mary hears Sam crying and goes to check on him. John is silhouetted against the crib, so she starts to go back to bed, only to hear the TV on downstairs. She goes to check and realizes… dun dun dun… John is asleep in the recliner.

Now, in all honesty, I can’t understand why Mary didn’t just wake John up and tell him that there was someone else in the house, but she rushes back upstairs and we cut to John, sleeping and hear Mary scream. The next thing we see Is John running into Sammy’s nursery to find everything is fine and dandy. Until he notices that his wife is bleeding on the ceiling. Then she erupts into fire. I can only imagine what this poor baby is thinking during all this horror.


John grabs Sammy and runs into little Dean in the hall. Entrusting the four year old with the six month old’s life, he tells Dean to take Sam and get outside before going back into the flaming nursery in a vain attempt to save his wife, who is, by all odds, already dead anyway. Cut to Dean in the front yard with little Sam in his arms and just as flames erupt form the second story windows, John shows up and grabs them both. Voila, twenty-two years of vengeance are born!

We then end up in present time (2005) at Stanford University, entering the scene with a photo of John and Mary and a young couple, Jessica and Sam. Sam being, of course, the baby from the introduction, all grown up and celebrating his score of 174 on the LSAT. It’s Halloween and Sam refuses to dress up, possibly because he’s allergic to fun, though I suppose the more likely reason is that he’s spent his life knowing monsters are real and if I knew that, I’d be reluctant to dress up like them too.

That night, his super-sensitive hearing alerts him to someone breaking into his apartment. He sneaks downstairs, has an awesome fight that is pretty much entirely in shadows and still looks totally badass and realizes that the intruder is none other than big brother Dean who is, apparently “Lookin’ for a beer,”

I’m going to stop here and tell you guys that at this point, I was just distracted by the fact that Sam and Dean are both so gorgeous it hurts to think about. In fact, I can say that about pretty much every one on the show (including John Winchester). It’s like some rule that only beautiful people can be in this show.

I would give anything to touch his hair...

I would give anything to touch his hair…


I just wanna kiss those lips. I mean... *sigh*

I just wanna kiss those lips. I mean… *sigh*

There’s something about Sam’s hair that makes me a little crazy and I’d give anything I could to just touch Dean’s lips… But that sounds creepy so we’re moving on.

So Dean’s there to get Sam’s help because their dad has been away on a “hunting trip” (I wonder what that could mean…) and hasn’t been home in a few days. They go outside whisper-arguing about the fact that Sam can’t just ditch his normal life and he has an interview at Harvard the next Monday. Eventually, we know, Sam loses said argument and tells Jess he’ll be back in time to make the interview.

It’s at this point that I’m forced to point out that, yes, even the CAR is gorgeous. A black 1967 Chevy Impala that I am jealous of because she gets to have all these hot guys riding inside of her… Life’s just not fair, guys. I mean, seriously, when you become jealous of a car, maybe you should rethink your priorities… But of course, I won’t.

Seriously, look at this gorgeous car!

Seriously, look at this gorgeous car!


We cut to the town of Jericho where we meet some guy telling his girlfriend he can’t come over because he’s got to go to work in the morning. Then he spots a beautiful woman on the side of the road, just… standing there. Really, it’s totally creepy. Apparently, this dude never heard about the rule where you don’t pick up strangers and found absolutely nothing disturbing about this random chick who appeared out of nowhere and he gives her a ride.

As you can guess, this doesn’t end well. The creepy chick basically tells the guy she wants him to bang her and he being not the most chivalrous and faithful of dudes forgets all about his girlfriend and says sure. She leads him to her creepy, totally haunted looking house and… he dies. In a bloody, wonderful explosion. This is what happens to guys who cheat on their girlfriends, just sayin’.

So, apparently this town is the last place John was, so Sam and Dean show up after a brief convo about Dean’s (awesome) tastes in music. (We also get one of my favorite lines from the show: Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.) and we’re listening to “Back in Black” as they ride into town.

They come up to the bridge where the dead guy’s car was found. Apparently there was no sign of blood and the guy just vanished – which only makes me wonder how in hell the ghost chick cleaned up the blood and where the hell did she hide the body. Questions, which, I’m sorry to say, are never answered.

They insult the local police and pretend to be US Marshalls because Dean just happens to have the fake badges. And there is some brotherly bickering as Sam steps on Dean’s foot and Dean smacks Sam in the head. I can already feel myself falling in love with these guys.

They find out that there have been other missing cases just like this, the only thing they have in common is the same stretch of road where they vanish and they’re all dudes. So they go talk to the guy’s girlfriend, pretending to be his uncles. Seriously, she bought that, which surprises me because you’d think she’d know her boyfriend’s family at least a little. Also, Sam and the boyfriend couldn’t be that far apart in age so unless the guy had a brother or sister who’s a lot older than him or who had kids young… Not happening. Maybe her grief clouded her judgment… Ah well.

She tells them a story about a woman who died on the highway and, legend goes, kidnaps men and they’re never seen again. Alright, cool. I love those kind of stories about haunted roadways and ghosts that kill people. I used to make up stories like that to scare my little brother.

They go look up murders along the highway and don’t get anything, so Sam pushes Dean out of the way rather than just tell him his theory and Dean gets annoyed and bit by bit they’re stealing my heart. Sam types in “suicides” along the highway and they come up with Constance Welch, who killed herself after her kids drowned in the bathtub. My one complaint about this scene is that this isn’t how search engines work. The engine would’ve picked up on the details about the highway and pulled up the story of Constance’s suicide even with the murder in the search. But anyway.

They check out the bridge that night and have a look around. Sam and Dean have a fight about finding “the thing that killed Mom,” and Sam wants to know what revenge is going to do for them anyway since it won’t bring their mom back. Dean, obviously emotion, shoves Sam and tells him to never talk like that again. It hasn’t even been one episode and I already hate watching these two fighting, it kind breaks my heart.

The fight gets interrupted by ghost chick – err, Constance, as she appears and dives off the bridge before possessing Dean’s car. They run and dive over the edge of the bridge. Sam manages to hold on, but Dean ends up in the mud. (And even covered in slimy mud, the dude is still sexy – like I said, it’s just not fair!)


They find a motel in town and realize it’s the same place their dad stayed and the guy lets them into the room. It’s clearly been abandoned in a hurry, because John left EVERYTHING except his clothes behind. Even a partly eaten cheeseburger and, seriously ew. There are salt rings around the bed and papers tacked to the walls. I’m not an expert, but I’d figure after a few days the motel cleaners would’ve done something about this mess… But maybe since John rented the room for a month they didn’t bother to check.

Anyway, Dean showers and we get another beautiful brother moment with lines I just adore:

Dean: Hey, no chick flick moments

And also this:

Sam: Jerk.
Dean: Bitch.

Which becomes they’re way of saying “I love you,”. And yep, it’s official, I’m in love.

Anyway, John did the work for them and figured out that Constance was a Woman in White, whatever that means. They apparently need to find the dead girl’s body and burn it, so Sam says he’ll look into it and Dean heads to get something to eat while Sam listens to a voicemail from Jess telling him she loves him and she misses him. Which is sweet and totally not making me worry at all.

Dean spots the cops he’s insulted earlier talking to the motel manager and gives Sam the heads-up that they’ve been caught and Sam takes off while Dean gets arrested and is a total smart ass about the whole thing, which only makes me love him more.

Dean: Problem, Officers?
Cop: Where’s your partner?
Dean: Partner? What partner?
Cop: [motions to motel room] So… Fake US Marshalls, fake credit cards… You got anything that’s real?
Dean: My boobs.

And of course, later in the interrogation room:

Sheriff: So, you wanna give us your real name?
Dean: I told you, it’s Nugent. Ted Nugent.

So anyway, Dean’s a little busy, so Sam goes and talks to Constance’s husband and we find out what a Woman in White is… It’s a woman whose husband cheated on her, so she kills the kids then, in grief, kills herself and then her spirit is cursed and she goes around killing unfaithful guys. My first thought was: Wow, that’s… oddly specific. Does that… happen a lot then? I’d look it up, but I’m scared to find out how often that really happens. Anyway, Sam kinda pisses the guy off when he tells him what a woman in white is, but the guy basically says “Yeah, I cheated on her,”

It’s actually a pretty moving scene, because the guy is so close to breaking down and I feel bad for him… Sure, he cheated on her, but he apparently loved her and he lost his wife and kids all at once and… That’s gotta be hard to deal with.

Sam finds out where Constance is buried and apparently it’s right behind the house where she killed her kids. That’s creepy. Why on earth would you burry her there? Sam makes a fake 911 call to get Dean out and Dean manages to get out of the cuffs, steal his dad’s journal (which the cops confiscated) and bolted. Apparently, their dad left them a message in Marine-code, telling them where they needed to go.

Sam wonders what the hell is going on, if their dad just bailed in the middle of a job and suddenly he rams right into dead chick and she locks the car doors and drive the car all the way to her spooky haunted house, saying “I can never go home,”

This is weird. Why would she go there if she CAN’T go there. It’s also kinda depressing since we now know her story. She killed her kids there and she’s just staring up at the house looking absolutely depressed and I kind feel bad for her. Then she attacks Sam and kisses him.

He tells her she can’t kill him because he’s never been unfaithful and she just says “You will be,” before vanishing and reappearing as a scary as hell zombie looking ghost chick…


She grabs Sam’s chest and he starts screaming then Dean shows up and for some reason just starts shooting at the GHOST. Because, sure, why not. It works, apparently, since she vanished long enough for Sam to drive the car through the front porch.

Dean runs into to check on Sam and Dead chick slams a desk against them, but then she’s stopped when two of the most creepy little kids in the history of ever show up and she screams and they hug her and she melts into a puddle on the floor in a barrage of disturbing ass imagery that looks like it came from a horror anime and I felt like a wimp for wanting to cover my eyes for a second, but then it was over.

We get another couple of awesome lines.

Sam: What were you thinking shooting Casper in the face, you freak?!

Dean: If you screwed up my car, I’ll kill you! [Cut to them driving down the road with a busted headlight]

They have a brief argument about Sam continuing to look for John, but Sam wins this one, insisting he can’t just give up his life, this is what he’s always wanted. No hunting, no monsters, just a normal, safe life with a  girlfriend and a career where he doesn’t get attacked every day.

Sam goes into the apartment and finds cookies waiting for him and hears the shower, so he takes a cookie, flops down on the bed and I’ve got a bad feeling this won’t end well. And of course… it doesn’t. Little drops of blood suddenly drip down on Sam’s head and he opens his eyes to see, you guessed it:


Jessica. Pinned to the ceiling just like his mom. Seconds later, fire erupts and Sam just screams and stares up at her like he can’t believe this is real.

Luckily, Dean apparently decided to screw Sam’s normal life and shows up just in time to pull Sam out before he burned to death. We end with a shot similar to that from the intro: fire trucks and police all gathered outside the burning apartment. Sam is standing over the Impala’s truck, fiddling with a gun. He throws it in as Dean walks over, looks at Dean and says “We’ve got work to do,” before slamming the trunk. The end.

I’ve got to say, as far as pilot episodes go, this one was amazing and I really did fall in love with Sam and Dean that quickly. Their relationship is just so perfectly played and they’re both such amazing and interesting characters that I connected very quickly and wanted to know more. I was hooked and never looked back.