The Story of a Fangirl:

You may call me Rachael. Actually, seeing how that’s my name, you probably SHOULD call me Rachael. Otherwise, I also answer to “Genius”, “Amazing”, “Awesome”, “Perfect” and “Hey you!”

The most important things to know about me are as follows:

I’m 21 years old, I’m currently in college and I have been a fangirl since I was a child. I started this blog mainly because I was bored, partly because I think way too much about this stuff and also because I just like to talk, even if I’m the only one listening.

While I am a SamGirl at heart, I definitely prefer it when Sam and Dean are together than when they’re fighting because it breaks my heart. Castiel won me over from the moment he showed his wings and I miss Bobby so much it hurts.

Here on this blog, I plan to do episode deconstructions, though I seriously doubt I’ll do ALL the episodes, and post my own personal theories and headcanons as well.

If you have a request for an Episode Deconstruction or want to know my theories on anything let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I can’t promise anything on exactly what episodes I’ll be doing, but I plan on doing several of them as I’m nearing the end of my third run-through of the entire show and will probably start the fourth soon.

I give you fair warning: Here there be SPOILERS. Up to and including the most recently aired episodes.

  1. Kate says:

    I got in to Supernatural a few weeks ago, and I must say:
    this is beautiful
    your blog is beautiful
    you are beautiful

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