Still not dead, guys, I swear.

But seriously, sorry for the irregular posting. I keep saying I’ll get back to posting regularly and then I just never do because something comes up. *Le sigh*

Still, even though it’s late, I want to talk about “#Thinman”. (I kind of ranted a bit about this on FB until a friend basically said “It’s SPN, what did you expect?” and I had to concede their point…)

So I was super excited for Ghostfacers to be back because I love Ed and Harry and also because those two wonderful people are the longest living, recurring characters on SPN thus far. They have not died once guys. And Sam and Dean say they’re incompetent. Pfft, right.

I was all geared up for their return, fully expecting an entertaining, awesome and LIGHT HEARTED episode. Because it’s Ed and Harry and there cannot be angst in Ghostfacer-Land. It’s like… illegal or something, alright? Well the SPN writers didn’t get the memo because they fucking had to go and throw a shit-ton of angst on us, complete with a heartbreaking parallel to Sam and Dean’s current (infuriating) situation.

Come on, Supernatural, that’s just cruel. You know we love Ed and Harry because they’re funny and they bring us some much needed comic relief! You can’t just turn around and punch us in the feels like that! IT’S SO NOT RIGHT!

I will say that I loved the Thinman thing and kind of had a weird heart attack/fangirl moment when I realized that they were parodying Slender Man. (Err… is parody the right word? Probably not… Close enough.)

I hated that they ended it with them going their separate ways. Way to crush my soul, guys. Seriously. It’s not okay. It will never be okay. Why do I let this show do this to me, dammit?!

On a lighter note – Sam and Dean reminiscing about their childhood was so freaking sweet! The idea of little Sam and Dean dressed at Batman and Superman and jumping off a roof together and then Dean taking Sam to the hospital… Ugh, my heart melted. It truly did. (Though I had to grit my teeth when Dean said he was Superman ‘cos I know Superman has lots of fans and all, but I truly detest him. Batman FTW, seriously. Superman can go fuck himself. It took a lot for me not to snap at the TV for even mentioning the name. That’s how bad my – irrational – hatred for Superman goes…)

But yeah, so that’s what I thought of the episode. It was fantastic, but it crushed my soul and somehow proved that I ridiculously still have some small amount of hope that SPN hasn’t quite managed to crush yet. What is WRONG with me?

  1. Niala Wesley says:

    Why don’t you like Superman? Is it a certain representation (the DC graphic novels, the Christopher Reeves films, Lois & Clark: the new adventures of Superman, Smallville, the remake films) of him that bothers you or is it the overall story of him?

    • sammygirl1967 says:

      It’s difficult to explain, honestly. My dislike (utter hatred) of Superman is just because I find him incredibly annoying, but I can’t fully explain it. I hate how powerful he is, how arrogant he can come off, how freaking “perfect” he is… it all just hits me the wrong way. tlikely doesn’t help that I didn’t like the Christopher Reeves films and hated what little I saw of Smallville. Have you ever found something really annoying and just been completely unable to explain why? Thay’s how I feel about Suprman.

  2. Niala Wesley says:

    I think I get it. I felt irrational hatred and annoyance for Selma Blair for many years. It bothered me to no end that this actress that rubbed me the wrong way kept getting roles in my favorite tv shows and with my favorite actors. I did not want to see her French kissing Sarah Michelle Gellar and having sex scenes with Ryan Philippe in Cruel Intentions or kissing Karl Urban and being a “legendary” leader of the Amazons on Xena Warrior Princess or becoming best friends with Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. I kept thinking, “Why is Hollywood doing this to me? Stop picking her! You are ruining these roles/episodes/movies for me!”

    Huh. I never saw arrogance with Superman. He was supposed to be perfect because he was an extraterrestrial from a planet that had beings much more biologically and technologically advanced than Earth. They are like gods compared to humans. So he was like a God raised by farmers in rural Americana. Superman, unlike Batman, had to be perfect. Batman can be gritty and murder and get revenge and show darkness. If Superman did that, people would be disillusioned. He is supposed to be like a paragon of morality and perfection to strive to. It’s why they had him raised in nowhere USA compared to an urban city like Gotham. It’s idealizing the “all American boy” archetype (something a lot of people don’t like so you are in good company). Hercules on Hercules the Legendary Journeys is a similar archetype. And in some ways, Buffy Summers on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. People say that it’s good that she’s not perfect and yet other characters on that show can get away with murder and yet if she so much as rolls her eyes at someone she’s called a bitch. The characters in BtVS and the fans watching put her on a pedestal and she gets vilified whenever she steps off of it while also getting called “goody goody” or “self-righteous” by those that think she should make more mistakes more often.

    I’m glad not all characters are meant to be perfect. I love me some Crowley and Gregory House and Blair Waldorf and Lex Luthor (the reason I stuck with Smallville for so long).

    • sammygirl1967 says:

      I think his perfectness is a big factor in why I hate him. I definitely prefer characters who fuck up and make mistakes and sometimes make the worst possible choices (probably why I love Sam Winchester so much). But it’s not just that. I can’t quite explain it, honestly. There are some characters who are meant to be perfect and who always take the moral high ground and are always (or almost always) righ that I really like (I love Buffy and Hercules, for example). There is just something about Superman that puts me off. I wish I could explain it.

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