Sorry for not posting like I said I was. Lots of real life trouble happened and I couldn’t sit down to write this. But that’s okay because now I have a few minutes (like, 3 of ’em) s0 let’s talk about Sam and Dean and how I wanna murder them?

I just have to say this: I’ve seen a LOT of people calling Sam ungrateful for what he said to Dean in the last episode and I’m sick of it. Guys, Sam isn’t being ungrateful to Dean! He’s being a total dick, but he’s pissed. He has a right to be. Dean fucked with the natural order (again) and this time with major consequences… (Kevin’s dead). I definitely get where Sam is coming from.

Dean lied to him and manipulated him into doing something that he KNEW Sam didn’t want. He knew how Sam felt about angels and angelic possession and did it anyway. He knew Sam was ready and more than willing to die and did it anyway. Dean was being selfish and being a jerk and Dean fucked up. Sam has a right to be pissed.

I still think he’s being a major dickhead about it, but I get why he’s so upset. I get why Dean’s upset. I hate them both and I want to punch them until they have no teeth, but they’re both wrong and both have a right to be upset with the other. If that makes sense.

So yeah. Short post, but still. Stop calling Sam ungrateful. Call him an asshole, but not ungrateful. It’s not Sam’s fault that he learned what Dean still hasn’t: how to let things go. Sam has learned that lesson (after having it pounded into him), but Dean’s too stubborn and still manages to convince himself that it’s all his responsibility and he has to fix it and save everyone.

Anyway. Off to class.

  1. Sara says:

    dean did everything to try and help him he was raised to protect sam, its his main goal. which means saving him from dying. Dean isn’t scared to make the hard calls while sam just bitches about it. Sam couldn’t do shit without dean so yes sam is UNGRATEFUL DICK to pass judgement on dean for all he does for him. they are hunters everything dean does is a hunters job, but sam? He didn’t have shit pounded into him. He got to have a normal upbringing compared to dean, the poor guy but honestly the only one that can be blamed is their dad. Now, off to work.

    • sammygirl1967 says:

      Sorry, but no. Sam had every right to be pissed at Dean for what he did. He lied to him, and manipulated him into being possessed by an angel. If sam had done that to Dean, Dean would’ve been pissed off too. Dean was wrong, he made a bad call. He knew that Sam was ready to die and knew that he was tired of the endless cycle of being forcibly dragged back into his shitty life. He knew how Sam felt about being possessed. He did it anyway and not entirely for Sam–you can’t deny that he did it for himself as well. He didn’t want to deal with the pain of losing his brother, of carrying on without him. His actions directly resulted in Kevin’s death. He knows better than to trust angels but he did it. Hell, he was planning on dealing with Crowley before Gadreel showed up. Sam was totally justified in being upset and feeling betrayed. They’ve done this dance too many time. One of then does something stupid and reckless to save the other and it results in horrible consequences. Every single time they mess around with the natural order things go very bad yet Dean still made the decision to do it again and in a way he knew was especially upsetting to Sam.


      Like I said in the post, he handled his anger poorly, but then, so does Dean when he is rightfully angry at Sam. Neither of them handle their emotions very well. His anger was still justified and he was NOT being ungrateful in anyway.

      And further, what are you even talking about saying Sam didn’t have shit piled on him? Yes he did. He had no normal life and neither did Dean. The entire point of Sam leaving for college was to GET a normal life and he had that ripped away from him.

      This was also not John’s fault. This was Dean’s choice and has nothing to do with John. Dean made the choice; he knew the risks, knew the way Sam felt about and still did it. Dean was fully aware of what he was doing. You can’t blame John’s shitty parenting for every bad choice Sam and Dean make. They’re adults. They make their own choices and are responsible for the consequences. The same way Sam is responsible for Lucifer getting free in season 4/5, Dean is responsible for his choice to let Gadreel possess Sam and all the things that happened as a result of that.

  2. Jaden Xiang says:

    The following comment is merely a stated opinion and not a room for argumentation. Since it’s America, I’d like to think it is a free country for us to express our differences and try our best to see from different perspectives:

    All I know is that I’m looking at this situation of most of Season 9 and comparing it to the relationship between me and my younger sister.
    I would be like Dean and sacrificing everything for my sibling, even if it means getting chewed out by my sibling. There are risks I would take to cherish the living person who I have very rare yet fond memories of as family.
    Mistakes are made in life. Humans make mistakes, and although there are deserved arguments, if they truly mean well then eventually there will be forgiveness and eventual peace.

    That did not happen here.

    Sam is similar to my sister in almost every way except height and sense of financial responsibility. When he said those words to Dean in the kitchen and practically most of the first part of Season 9, it was one of those rare moment in my life (probably #18) of me crying. I always resembled my relationship with my sister and we’ve had plenty of strained moments, but had hope since the brothers still had faith in each other. For Sam to pull that move and say those words to Dean… it was as if he didn’t know Dean.

    Dean’s character evolved into this mask of manly bravado, but we all know he has memories that he clings to and emotions that he never spills yet clings to. He’s a biblical/supernatural example of PTSD and depression, and when Sam said those words, I saw the look on Dean’s face and my heart broke.
    How could anyone who was close to their sibling (supposedly) say that to them when they’re in that condition?

    Now I get that Sam was an asshole, and that’s probably it, but there were a few moments of him acting very ungrateful without him realizing it. If we reflect back to the beginning, Dean has always tried his best to look out for Sam and see his best interests at heart because their father didn’t bother much about that.

    Sam had hurt Dean, and although Dean deserved a chew out about the risks and consequences from his fatal decision, he did not deserve to be cut off at that point from familial ties.
    You only break off family ties if someone only thought of themselves to gain power or to stay alive, etc. Dean thought of himself, sure, but because he can’t live without Sam and wanted one thing: his brother. It was manageable yet difficult of him to make the decisions following Gadreel’s possession of Sam.

    Sam may have had an easier time to let go, but that just makes the situation worse in a family because it shows he was never 100% fully committed to being a part of what said family stands for. It broke my heart to see him let go of Dean, the man who has a bottle of emotions that is hard to express verbally.

    If my sister ever said those words to me, I would have died. I know I would have. I would have been a shell of myself and prove myself worthy to saving others while risking my wellbeing, because by then that would be the last thing I’m thinking about.
    We see later in Season 9 of Supernatural that Dean actually goes and does that, though.
    I’m actually surprised that Dean held out as long as he did, because I know I wouldn’t have survived the emotions following that family break up.

    …but then again, he did die. But then became a demon due to the Mark of Cain. Of which he wouldn’t have considered taking it if Sam was there to make sure that he wouldn’t and prove to him that he is wanted and loved by family and friends (like how Dean proved to Sam in his speech at the end of Season 8).
    In its own twisted fate, Sam got his karma when he said those fatal blow of words, because he realized how much he wanted his brother back when Dean died in front of him.
    I don’t want that happening to me and my sister.
    There is no going back to the living because I don’t have the Mark of Cain.

    I’m trying to see from Sam’s perspective for that moment, but even then, I would not have pushed my sister away that badly. I would have been angry at her, but I wouldn’t have hurt her that badly because deep down it shows that she wanted me in her life. I would actually be kind of touched.

    Dean wanted Sam in his life, but was very self sacrificing.
    Sam was ready to let go, and chewed Dean out for saving him, yet found out he wasn’t willing to let go of Dean once he died.
    They both could not let go yet are willing to sacrifice of need be.
    That’s the reflection and mutual agreement in the end. There’s no right or wrong answer, just opinions and personal statements in the end.
    Season 9 was a summary bunch of dramatic idiotic-decision-making-angsty Dean and asshole-ungrateful-ignorant-hypocritical Sam.

    • Bytesphere says:

      Just finished S09E13 and I wanted to write a rebuttal to the opinion that Sam in either ungrateful or an asshole.
      So much of what has happened since the early seasons could have been averted by Sam not breaking the final seal, but it could also have been prevented if Dean hadn’t sold his soul to bring Sam back the first time, my supposition is that if Dean had let Sam die, Dean would not have cared enough for anything else to sell his soul, it then follows that Dean would have ended up in hell and couldn’t have broken the first seal.
      Sam is able to look back at the choices they both have made with enough objectivity to realize how many people have died because they were willing to do anything to resurrect or protect each other. And you’re right that Sam was never 100% onboard with what John and Dean wanted the family to be, He has never been fully committed to that, it has always been more of a sense of fatalism, that he would always be dragged back into the life again, than any sense that it is his life’s purpose.
      Dean has always been the stereotypical dick-ish big brother but with an enormous sense of responsibility for what happens to Sam. These sacrifices are completely within his character and when he looks back on those choices they always seem right because his overriding purpose is to protect Sam and only if Sam is not in danger is he capable of making what everyone else would consider the rational choices.

      I have never understood the cliche of handing terrorists the nuclear codes to save your mother, brother, sister or a stranger. I know I would hate myself regardless of whatever choice I made, so why be so selfish? I know that if I were the hostage I wouldn’t want my SO to choose my life over millions of others( I can’t give an exact value for how many I would want to exchange for, but I know it’s between 1 and 100 average people )

      While it would not be pleasant to be Dean during the kitchen conversation I don’t think Sam was being an ass, he was being truthful and spoke honestly to Dean. Dean chose to take it as an insult when, as a viewer, I had realized it several seasons ago.
      I really like how Sam and Castiel are dealing with the things they’ve done and how Castiel didn’t push too hard when extracting the grace from Sam. They are relatively well-adjusted and seem to realize that the willingness to “do anything” is harmful in the long term if not also the short term.

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