So, I know I’m a couple of days late, but you can all blame shitty internet service on that. I hate living in the middle of freakin’ nowhere.

But anyway.

Let’s talk about episode 9×03, “I’m No Angel”, shall we?

You guys all remember that article I linked to you about Shannon Lucio playing Castiel’s love interest? And how she was going to be “introduced” in the third episode? And how I was fighting not to be too judgemental because we hadn’t seen her yet?

Well… now we have. Her name is April Kelly and I have three words for Supernatural: WHAT. THE. FUCK?

Okay, let me back up.

When April first came on-screen I liked her. She was nice and endearing and I immediately got a pit in my stomach because me liking a SPN character means bad shit is going to happen.

So then April continues to be nice. She’s sweet and sort of funny and Cas likes her and she was certainly not another bitchy, condescending, flat twit like our miss Richardson was last season. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. I wished on every star that she’d stay that nice and they’d develop an interesting romance between the two of them, since, you know, they said they were giving Cas a LOVE INTEREST.

They fucking lied, that’s what they did.

Things started moving alarmingly fast when they end up having sex (and I cried a little because Cas finally lost his virginity and it wasn’t to Meg…) and I was sort of confused and unhappy, but not totally willing to dismiss April just yet.

And it was a sort of sweet/funny scene if I let go of my utter confusion and annoyance of how fast that happened.

Then this happens:

 I'm No Angel

April turns out to be evil, kills Cas and then is killed herself and Ezekiel brings Cas back and I’m left sitting there gaping at the television and wondering what the fuck I just saw. I actually had to look up that article about Cas again, re-read it and make sure I had the actress right.

Okay, Supernatural, you and I need to have a little talk about what a “love interest” is.

It is a character who serves as the significant other (romantic partner) of a main (or even secondary) character. Generally speaking, the relationship has to last more than a day or two and usually at least a few episodes as well.

It is NOT a character who acts nice to gain a main characters trust, has sex with them and then murders them. THAT is called a villain, SPN, and you should really have learned the difference by now. I know SPN writers are not the best at writing “romance” and I was terrified of this relationship being botched, but… really? REALLY? This is what you’re going to call a love interest?

What the fuck is messed up in their minds that they’d think it was appropriate to call April a love interest?

That being said, I applaud Supernatural for recognizing how catastrophically bad giving Castiel a love interest (especially so soon after turning him human) would be. I am glad they at least seem to have realized that it would likely have been a bad idea. Hats off to you for scaring me shitless for NOTHING. You bastards.

  1. isismama says:

    I agree. At first, when she was being kind to Cas and giving him food, I thought this could be a good thing. Then she took him to her home and I started feeling a bit skeptical. It brought to mind a fanfic I recently read where Cas is picked up by a woman and almost the same exact thing happened. She took care of him and then they had sex. Period. The end.
    I wonder if the SPN writers read fanfiction? Ha!

  2. Niala Wesley says:

    I still do not understand why Cas delayed hitchhiking to the bunker. Dean offered up his home to him, that’s free shelter and food and medical supplies. He acted completely shocked that a human would offer him a PB&J sandwich when Dean would’ve and later does buy him food. They made it seem like Cas was alone in the world when Dean was out there waiting for him and then actively searching and torturing to find him.

    For me, the sex came out of nowhere. She took him back to her apartment to dress his wounds and within a couple of minutes of talking they are kissing and then in bed. I think that lighting those candles took more time than the lead up between April and a-virgin-for-billions-of-years-Cas.

    I hate that there are fans that think that April was being objectified because she was brought on to be how Castiel had sex for the first time. You are so right that the story was about how she manipulated and used him. Cas was the naïve, trusting one that was seduced and then tortured and murdered while April knew the whole time she was going to violently interrogate him and just decided to screw him first because he’s attractive.

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