So I recently (VERY recently, as in, about two hours ago) was browsing through my FB news feed when I noticed a post on one of the SPN pages I like saying that Castiel is going to have a new love interest. Naturally, I thought it was a joke or they were misinformed because why would the writers and producers ever think to give Castiel – the loveably oblivious, decidedly asexual and nerdy angel – a LOVE INTEREST?

Well, I found the this link here and a few others that confirm that this is indeed true.

Not only are they giving Cas a love interest, but she is a fellow fallen angel.

Now, part of me is incredibly upset about this and part of me is trying very, very hard to remain open-minded and at least partially intrigued.

I think it’s a wonderful that they’re going to explore how being mortal (essentially human, though I’m not sure you can really call Cas human) will affect Cas. He certainly wasn’t happy about it in season 5 when he began losing his powers and (eventually) became completely powerless.

It’ll be interesting to watch him adjust and learn new things and adapt to this situation.

But, I really don’t see how or why a romantic interest is going to fit in. I’ve already made my feelings about romance in Supernatural fairly clear before , so maybe I’m being biased here due to my lack of interest in romance at all on any level.

I really want to be optimistic. It’s just that I’ve given SPN the benefit of the doubt before and they really fail to deliver in the area of romance and love interests. I tried so hard to like Amelia, I withheld judgement on her until I was just about ready shoot her in the face before I declared that I hated her.

The show consistently lets me down in this area and it just doesn’t help matters one little bit that the character they’re giving a romantic subplot this season is CASTIEL. An angel.

And yes, I understand that he’s human (or human enough) now and will be experiencing emotions he probably hasn’t and hormone and all that jazz. That doesn’t mean his entire mindset, beliefs and ideals will change. Cas is uncomfortable at best about the idea of romance and he’s clueless and adorably dorky about it.

Not to mention that his love interest is going to be an angel. I talked a bit with a friend and we do seem to agree that technically this isn’t squicky incest since angels aren’t blood related – like us humans – and though they call one another family, it’s been shown that not all angels even know each other personally, so I’ll try to look past this (for now).

I really have no faith in this. Even if they have a kick ass actress (Shannon Lucio has been cast in the part and while I don’t recall having ever seen anything she’s been in, I was certainly looking forward to Agents of SHIELD, which she is in) and a kick ass character, it just doesn’t seem likely to work.

 The fact that SPN rarely gives us dynamic and interesting female leads doesn’t bode well, but I will say that I’m at least happy she’s not going to be some beautiful, perfect human woman. I couldn’t take that.

So, I’m going to suspend my judgement for the moment, I suppose. I’m giving you ONE MORE CHANCE to change my opinion on the writers’ ability to write romance, Supernatural. Please don’t screw this up. Please. Because I swear, if you give us another Amelia I will explode rage all over the entire internet. I will not stand for another Amelia.

 Of course, I could be (and really hope I am) overreacting. Maybe this girl will be awesome. Maybe I’m still sore over Meg and the utter destruction of Megstiel (because, really, who didn’t cry when Meg told Sam to save her unicorn?). Maybe I’m just being pessimistic and this will all work out for the best.

I really do hope so. I’m not wishing doom and gloom and more Mary-Sues onto this fandom. I want this to be awesome. The question, however, is whether the writers are capable of making it awesome.

We shall see.

  1. Thea Karan says:

    The ONLY love interest I want to see Castiel with, is MEG, the way she died proves the demons aren’t as soulless as they make them out to be. MEGSTIEL FTW, bitches! I still have this tiny hope that she is not dead-dead. I mean it’s TV and it is a SUPERNATURAL show they can always bring her back, right? RIGHT? I loved Megstiel oh why, why? Btw, you mentioned The Mortal Instruments deconstructions (or something) – can you maybe give me a link to that? I haven’t read the books (yet), but I love it when other people hate stuff. Plus, I love your writing so…

    • sammygirl1967 says:

      Yeah, I’d much rather they brought Meg back. I’m not entirely ready to accept that she’s dead. Given how this is SPN, she can totally still come back and if Cas has to be with anyone in canon, I’d much rather it be her because Meg was awesome and I miss her. I’m trying not to hate this new character before we meet her, but I’m extremely skeptical.

      🙂 Ha, thanks!The sporking for Mortal Instruments I’m doing is actually for the fourth book (City of Fallen Angels) on my facebook because I got through the original trilogy well enough, but I couldn’t make it through Fallen Angels without wanting to throw things so I started the sporking there for my friends. They seem to follow it well enough though only one of them has read any of the original trilogy, but I’m actually thinking about going back and posting the CoFA stuff here or even starting with the first book, City of Bones here on this blog to have something other than SPN stuff on here. If you still want to check out the CoFA sporking (I’m on chapter 7 right now) you can find the first post in my notes, here:!/notes/rachael-griffis/city-of-fallen-angels-chapter-one-part-1/577212719002381

  2. Thea Karan says:

    Thanks, I’ll check it out, can I add you as a friend?

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