I’ve been discussing this quite a lot with friends recently. Mostly because I enjoy talking about the villains of my favorite fandoms (I dunno who I love more… Loki, the Joker, the Master or Lucifer… Or Hannibal. Can I have them all?). A common idea that keeps popping up, however is that Supernatural’s most infamous and evil villain is God.

Disclaimer: Please note that I am speaking ONLY of the character of God in the television series “Supernatural” and not any actual religious deity. This post in no way reflects my opinions on religion, Christianity, or God.

Let me break it down a little bit (though I’m sure some of you can already see what I’m saying):

The biggest villains in Supernatural were as follows: demons and angels.

Demons only exist because Lucifer rebelled. Lucifer rebelled because God expected him to bow to humanity, which is clearly flawed logical because angels are über awesome.

Azazel killed Samuel and Diana Campbell to get Mary to make a deal for her son. He needed her to make that deal so he could infect Sam with his demon blood and get Sam to open Lucifer’s cage twenty some-odd years later. (It was a very thorough and LONG master plan, after all.)

Lucifer broke out of his Cage because who wants to be stuck in a Cage for eternity? Lucifer used Sam to free himself because it was all part of the Plan. It was all part of the Plan because God said so.

Michael brought Adam back from the dead and used him as bait to get Dean to say yes. Dean’s a stubborn ass and Adam gets the short end of the deal. Why did Michael even WANT Dean as his vessel? BECAUSE GOD SAID SO.

God knew all along that Lucifer would rebel and what it would all lead to… yet did nothing to prevent it and let Lucifer turn Lilith into a demon, thereby cementing his fate and the fate of every other living thing. God forced Michael to cast his own brother (someone Michael clearly cared about) into Hell because of this disobedience rather than KILLING LUCIFER LIKE HE TOTALLY COULD HAVE.

God then promptly ditched the angels, leaving them to their own devices. When Sam and Dean went to him, asking for help stopping Lucifer he said it wasn’t his problem. Yet he CREATED the problem. He had enough forethought to CREATE the plan to fix it, though that plan ensured that Sam and Dean and their family never be happy or have normal, healthy lives.

When Dean was in Hell, God could have gotten him out before he broke. He’s God. He can do anything. He could’ve saved Dean. When Sam was in Hell, God could’ve gotten him out – with his soul. Again, he’s God. He can do that. Hell, when Ruby was manipulating Sam, God could’ve intervened and killed her. He could’ve stopped Lilith. He could’ve killed Lucifer. He could’ve returned to Heaven and straightened his CHILDREN up, putting an end to their “Let’s burn the entire earth” nonsense.

Really, aside from getting Sam and Dean out of that church (and repeatedly forcing Castiel to die and return to life, each time worse than the last for the poor angel) WHAT has God done to assist in cleaning up the utter mess he STARTED.

He made Lucifer. Lucifer rebelled and created demons. God created Hell and made Michael cast Lucifer into it. Lucifer got pissed, decided to destroy all of humanity to show God how wrong he was. Michael got bitter because his brother was stubborn and wouldn’t realized that “daddy knows best”. Gabriel hightailed because his family sucks. God ran away because I guess the pressure of totally being the biggest asshole ever just get to you or something.

 God not only created the problem and did very little to correct it (even though, if he had truly wanted to, he COULD HAVE), he actively avoided fixing the problem and instead decided to use two humans – thereby destroying THEIR lives as well as ruining the angels’ existence – to end the world and/or possibly save everyone.

I highly doubt Lucifer, Azazel or any of the angels or demons would’ve gone after Sam and Dean if they hadn’t KNOWN that it was all supposed to end with them on opposite sides of the final showdown between Heaven and Hell.

The argument could be made that God helped them (as the heavy implication that Chuck is God would suggest) to avoid ending the world, but he didn’t exactly do much considering he’s an all-powerful God, now did he? He could destroy everything and everyone with a thought. He could have stopped Lucifer, he could’ve stopped Michael, he could’ve stopped Raphael.

Hell, in season 6 Castiel prays for guidance on the Purgatory issue and God could’ve at the very least shown him something to let him know how dangerous and wrong the path he was on was at that time, but he didn’t. He did absolutely nothing.

And I’m not particularly fond of the “but he gave them freewill” argument either. God’s actions cannot be justified in the show with that simple statement. He had the opportunity to help, he was asked for guidance and gave none, he abandoned his children and humanity, he ruined the Winchesters’ lives and he knew it was going to happen exactly that way.

So yeah, God’s the biggest asshole in SPN.

  1. Thea Karan says:

    God is a Dick, I totally agree with you. Here’s where I don’t agree though: It’s not so much GOD as it’s ‘Because the plot says so’. God can’t intervene or it would litreally be a Deus Ex Machina. Chuck was never God (although I do have to re-watch the show, to make sure and make a more convincing argument), I don’t know which bright genius came up with that one. Chuck is a scarady-cat and a looser. He was just a measly prophet and not the best one. I do hope you’ve watched seasons 7 and 8, haven’t you? They have a new prophet now – a much cooler one.

    Also I do like the ‘Gpd gave them, free will’ argument – just because he is GOD doesn’t mean he HAS to intervene. Yes, he is a dick for not doing anything, but if he is Divine – and if you think about it what is the point of giving someone free will and NOT letting them use it. God would be even more of a dick if he constantly intervened. And again – he is DIVINE. he’s been around before all this and he will be since. The destenies of two mere humans do not intrest him and even if half the Earth is destroyed – it will just start anew. No of this matters in the grand scheme of things. None of this matters to God.

    Also, really – he created the problem? Yeah, I guess it’s a bit harsh to condemn your favorite son to eternal damnation because he didn’t play well with your other children, but Lucifer was basically a spoiled immortal with daddy issues.

    And don’t you think that God planned/wanted/had to let the demons be created? He created the angels – a force of good (or so it’s said at least), and since there has to be balance in the world the demons would be a natural response to all this.

    As far as what happens to Lucifer and his plans – as I said it’ll be the same to God.

    Last but not least – Dean has to be Michael’s vessel, because only his bloodline can sustain him. Sam can’t, because he is contaminated with demon blood, but Adam can, even though he is not the best choice. just like that other guy was not the best choice for Lucifer.

    • sammygirl1967 says:

      First, on the whole “Chuck is God” thing – I really don’t want him to be God, HOWEVER, unofficially Rob Bennedict has confirmed that he thinks Chuck was supposed to be God http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=chuck+is+god+rob+bennedict&qs=n&form=QBVR&pq=chuck+is+god+rob+bennedict&sc=0-13&sp=-1&sk=#view=detail&mid=D35717106E419413DCA0D35717106E419413DCA0.

      Sera Gamble never supported the claim, but Kripke was the show runner at the time and the evidence pointed to Chuck being more than he seemed, so I tend to view his interpretation as correct until we actually have it disproved officially or proved. (And yes, I have seen seasons 7 and 8 – Kevin is amazing and I love him!!)

      But yeah, I definitely understand why God couldn’t intervene with the Plot – it just irks me that God’s reasons are so incredibly unexplained. I know God’s supposed to work in “mysterious” ways, but aside from this all apparently being some ridiculous test for Sam and Dean and the angels, it doesn’t really sit right. I hope (but really seriously doubt) that they will go into more depth of explaining why God left, where he went and just what the Hell he was doing dicking around while his kids almost set the world on fire.

      I understand what you’re saying about God not necessarily NEEDING to intervene. However, I really don’t care for his utter lack of assistance once they ASKED for help. (In season 5, I can forgive it more so because it was his Plan, he had it all in place to fix and certainly knew that Sam and Dean would and could alter the ‘destiny’ they were supposed to fulfill. In season 6, though, when Cas prayed for guidance and received NOTHING? I can’t overlook that. God is supposed to provide guidance if asked. Cas didn’t ask for him to fix everything there, he simply asked for him to show him if he was doing the right thing. He wanted to know if he was making a huge mistake or not and God didn’t bother even to hint at that.)

      As far as him creating the problem – my issue is and always will be that God has infinite power and is supposedly able to do whatever he wants, and he knows literally EVERYTHING. I understand the NEED for there to be evil if he gives people freewill (without evil, how would it REALLY be a choice to follow God?) but that’s what bothers me – Lucifer was evil, what he did was terrible, spiteful and childish, but God knew he would do it. God MADE him specifically to do it because God creates everyone and everything and makes them who and what they are. Not that it forgives Lucifer, but it certainly doesn’t absolve God of his part in it all.

      It feels less to me like God is letting them use freewill and more like Michael had a point when he said freewill was an illusion. If their destinies were already plotted out, how is that freewill? God had a plan and they were supposed to follow it. I get the feeling that if God had abandoned ship, things would have gone exactly as they were “supposed” to in the end.
      As far as Dean being Michael’s vessel because of the bloodline – true, but, again, God set things up that way. It all goes back to God being the Creator. It all starts with him and ends with him. He specifically chose Sam and Dean to play out a part in his Plans. He never gave them a choice, really, because by setting it all up the way he did, the angels HAD to go after them; the demons HAD to go after them – otherwise their plans wouldn’t work at all.

      I also understand WHY he doesn’t care. You’re right; he’s GOD. He’s the oldest (or thereabouts, if you believe Death) being in the UNIVERSE. Why SHOULD he care about the fate of one planet? Why should he care about these two humans? Well, frankly, because HE SAID HE WOULD. I know that SPN doesn’t strictly follow the Bible, but the Bible is still considered God’s word in SPN. And God made a lot of promises about helping his followers if they would turn to him, seek him out. They did that, he still didn’t care to intervene.

      But overall, I agree – They couldn’t have God intervene and wrecking the plot. God is an ancient, impossibly powerful divine being and would very likely not care and simply because he is God doesn’t mean that they actions of the OTHER villains are irrelevant or absolved in any way. Since everything still goes back to him creating and then ignoring this world and the problems he had a more or less direct hand in, simply makes him the biggest dick ever. (Except maybe Dick Roman because, really, screw him.)

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