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I wasn’t going to do a post today, or any posts at all about the SPN NJCon because I DIDN’T GET TO GO. (I’m totally not bitter about this guys, I swear. ) But then I recently saw the “We Will Support Jensen Forever” was trending worldwide on twitter and I was confused. I always support Jensen Ackles because he is a wonderful man and I admire him very much, but clearly something happened that I wasn’t aware of to cause this.

After a bit of digging on Facebook and tumblr, and a YouTube video sent to me by a friend, I discovered the reason.

Apparently, there was quite a bit of upset over a fan’s question to Jensen.

For clarification, I’m going again remind you that I was not there and nearly all of this is from secondary sources (except one very important piece which I think settles the matter quite nicely).

So, apparently a fan started to ask a question about Dean (the character) possibly being bisexual. I watched the video and I can’t hear everything very well, but she states first the she herself is bisexual and was curious about the currently subtext on the show about Dean’s character. She get’s to the word “subtext” and the crowd starts booing her.

I can’t hear Jensen’s response very well, but it SOUNDS like he says “The first question!” or something along those lines. Possibly because this isn’t the first time he’s been asked about Dean’s sexuality (it isn’t) and possibly because the fans in the crowd are being assholes ON THE VERY FIRST QUESTION.

Either way, he didn’t get the hear the entire question or respond to it at all because the girl was led away and people began making a big deal out of it saying that JENSEN was being rude, homophobic and reacted badly.

How? It was the CROWD who reacted badly, not Jensen. It was the crowd that booed the girl. It was the crowd that became volatile enough that she didn’t get to finish asking her completely not-offensive question.

So, after watching the video, I followed links in the comments that lead me to the mystery girl’s tumblr blog that she created to help explain and diffuse the situation after she realized what had happened.

First, here’s her entire question as she meant to ask it:

I’ve loved seeing Dean’s character become more comfortable with himself this season. As a bisexual, I’ve noticed some possible subtext, as seen in Everybody Hates Hitler, that Dean might be coming to accept himself as something other than straight too? I know you’ve said you know Dean better than anyone, so, in your professional opinion, as the preeminent scholar on Dean Winchester, if you see that as a valid interpretation of what’s going on with the character this season. 

See, that. Not offensive. Just a simple, totally acceptable question that, frankly, I’d have loved to know Jensen’s answer to, but because the crowd reacted so poorly, he didn’t even hear the whole question and couldn’t respond.

“The Mystery Girl” is clearly not offended by Jensen or Clif or Jared and how they reacted and responded.

Basically, what I’m saying is, please, please stop harassing Jensen and the SPN crew/cast. NONE OF THEM HAVE DONE ANYTHING, AT ALL, TO OFFEND THE LGBT COMMUNITY. Nothing Jensen did was homophobic. He didn’t insult the girl or force her to leave.

He is being made out to be a villain, when it was clearly the crowd that was too immature to handle her question. And it is fans like that who make me ashamed of being associated with the SPN fandom sometimes. Seriously. Grow up. And for fuck’s sake, leave Jensen alone because he did nothing wrong.

I encourage you guys to go check out her tumblr blog if you want more info about this, because that’s where I got a lot of this from.

  1. FriendOfAFriend says:

    I’m a friend of a friend of the actor DJ Qualls who plays Garth on Supernatural. DJ is pretty openly gay although he is not quite “out” in the Hollywood scene. He doesn’t deny being gay but has never stated it openly in the media, either. Both Jensen and Jared are aware of his sexuality and are completely cool with him as a person and a friend. He admits being closer to Jared, basically more or less Jensen can come across as a little bit standoffish but is by no means a homophobe. Jensen likes to keep to himself on set but Jared is very outgoing and welcoming to all of the guest actors who appear on the show and he and DJ have become very good friends. I’ve never heard anything suggesting that he has gotten any homophobic vibes from Jensen while they’ve worked together at all. Just figured I’d throw that out there.

  2. FriendOfAFriend says:

    Oh, and just for clarification: My friend has told me that Jensen is very uncomfortable discussing the fanfic/shipping elements of fandom at conventions. He has admitted as much to DJ, but not in a way that has painted him as homophobic at all. Jared and Misha aren’t as bothered by it and often crack jokes about it on set to mess with Jensen. This is probably what Jensen thought the girl was going to ask him and why he didn’t want to answer the question. Again, this doesn’t make him homophobic at all, just uncomfortable discussing these sort of topics.

    • sammygirl1967 says:

      Yeah, I’ve noticed that Jensen seems more uncomfortable about answering questions on pairings/shippings within the fandom. I don’t blame him of course. That would probably be very uncomfortable to discuss.

      Thanks for the info! That Jensen would be uncomfortable with those types of questions doesn’t surprise me.

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