Who else is excited about the new “Supernatural” tonight? I know I am, even though I’m 98.99% certain that it will leave me a sobbing, broken mess. So, before I’m reduced to a puddle of incoherent fangirl feels, I figure now’s as good a time as any to do some ranting…

Right now, I want to talk about Adam Milligan.

I seem to keep having this conversation with friends and other people online and we all seem to agree: We want Adam Milligan rescued. Or at least a damn attempt to be made, ya know?

It’s bad enough the poor kid got suckered into being an archangel’s vessel and shoved into Hell through absolutely no fault of his own, but it’s even worse because it seems like Sam and Dean have completely forgotten they even have a half-brother trapped in the fiery depths of Lucifer’s Cage being tortured for centuries.

Come on, guys, when’s the last time Adam was even mentioned? “Appointment in Samarra”? In season SIX? The first half of season six?

Guys, we’re at the end of season eight now. Adam’s been trapped in Hell for more than three centuries Hell-time. I’d the math, but it’s math so… No. For Adam, I’ll actually do the damn math.

He got sucked into Hell in season 5, right? And one month on earth is the equivalent of a decade Hell-time, right? Okay.

It’s been three goddamn years. Technically, five considering that there was a year between season 5 and 6 and another year between season 7 and 8 which means somewhere there are two years unaccounted for but it’s somehow still 2013 so just go with it guys. We’ll say three years since the writer’s fucked up the timeline and I’ll be lenient for now.

In less than two weeks, it’ll be exactly three years since “Swan Song” aired anyway so let’s go with it.

Three years times 12 months is 36 months. Since a month is ten years, that’s 36 times 10 which is 360.


How long is Adam going to have to waste away in that pit being tortured by two pissed off archangels? WHY HAVEN’T SAM AND DEAN EVEN MENTIONED HIM IN TWO YEARS?

Jesus, guys, Sam and Dean are supposed to be heroes and yet they totally abandoned their little brother and haven’t even made a single attempt to free him aside from Dean’s half-hearted request to Death. And even that felt like Adam was a total afterthought. Like “Yeah, so, you go in and save Sam. Oh, I also have this other brother… Adam. Could you save him too if you don’t mind? No. Well, fine, just save Sam then, I didn’t really like Adam all that much anyway.”


I mean, sure, Dean’s single-minded sometimes and Sam is definitely more important to him than Adam, but even SAM didn’t ask about Adam after he got his soul back. He KNEW Adam got sucked down into that Cage with him and didn’t mention him ONE GODDAMN TIME.

Not even after the wall broke and he remembered Hell did he mention Adam. Think about it: Sam had to have seen Adam being tortured too, or at least knew that he was suffering just like he was. But he never expresses any guilt about the fact that he got saved and Adam didn’t even though Adam is clearly the more innocent of the two.

I love Sam, guys, but, come on, you know Sam deserved Hell more than Adam did. And Sam clearly thought he deserved Hell because that’s why he agreed to jump into the Cage in the first damn place. But did that make him feel bad whenever he realized Adam was STILL trapped down there? Hell no!

I have to admit, while I adore Bobby and I’m thrilled that he got to come back in “Taxi Driver”, I was a bit pissed that once again there was not a single mention of Adam. They had to save an innocent soul from Hell and it never once occurred to them that the innocent soul could’ve been Adam? Not once? Not even a passing mention of “Hey, remember that half-brother we totally screwed over?” Nothing?

Damn it.

At this point, that’s all I’m really asking for. Just a mention of Adam. Just an attempt to save him. Anything at all to show that Sam and Dean actually care about the poor kid that was yanked into something he had no clue about and has suffered centuries of Hell with Lucifer himself. I just want to know they haven’t totally forgotten he exists and is suffering brutally for no damn reason.

Honestly, though, I secretly kind of hope Adam does get free. And that his first order of business is try and kill his asshole half-brothers who left him to rot in Hell. They deserve it.

I love you, Adam! Even if Sam and Dean don't.

I love you, Adam! Even if Sam and Dean don’t.
*picture drawn by ~16AngelWing16 on deviantart*

  1. I think it’s most likely for him to return. Also recently Jeremy Carver (the show runner) answered one of the fans’ questions of Adam returning. He said: “As long as he’s in the cage, there’s always a chance.” Not lying, just search up “Could Sam and Dean’s brother Adam return? Supernatural Season 9.” There’s rumors that he’s coming back in Season 9 in Episode 20, but most likely at the end of Season 9, it’s just a rumor. But don’t worry, you aren’t the only one who worries about Adam, I worry about him, he’s FAMILY BLOOD, Dean and Sam should care about their own half-brother! I hope they don’t release Lucifer, because if they do, then Michael will return, then Adam will be in a vessel situation and will only be in a couple of episodes. JUST FOR ONCE I want all three brothers, Sam, Dean and Adam to be hunters together. I want Jake Abel to have a supporting role like Castiel, he’s actor of Adam Milligan, I want him to continue playing Adam for the rest of Supernatural. But I hope the rumor turns out to be true that Adam is returning in Season 9.

    • sammygirl1967 says:

      Ack–sorry this reply took me so long! I haven’t gone on the site off my phone in a while and my email doesn’t always send me the notifications for some reason. Anyway. That is brilliant news! I really do hope that there is some truth to the rumors. Even if Adam doesn’t return this season, maybe he will next season. I just want him back. Or thought about by Sam and Dean (though they kind of have their own issues right now…). And I love Jake Abel as well as the character, so him being back would be like a double win! *crosses fingers* Here’s to hoping he can return!

  2. Shannon Roat says:

    I totally agree. That kid needs some serious love. I mean he dies, and comes back just to die AGAIN! That kid needs a freaking hug! But your post made me think, what if he secretly did get out somehow and Sam saw it happen but never told Dean. But then I question myself with “where did he go?” Any-who, I hope you don’t mind my commenting on your post. I hope, just as much as you, that Adam at least gets mentioned…him making a comeback would be even better though!

  3. Holly says:

    I read a theory on tumblr that when Cas molotoved Michael with holy fire, Adam would have died, just like when Jimmy Novak died when Lucifer exploded Cas. The poster supported this with the fact that Lucifer (I think) says that Sam was the only source of amusement for Michael and Lucifer in the cage – Adam was already long gone, Michael had simply been wearing his skin. So, based on that theory, the reason the boys don’t try or even think to try and rescue Adam is because they know he’s not in there.

    Here’s the link to the post: http://fozmeadows.tumblr.com/post/110985278836/oh-my-god

    To be honest, I wasn’t so keen on the character myself, I felt it was a bit random and out of the blue to find out all of a sudden that John had another kid. I couldn’t really imagine John hooking up with too many women along the road, what with his single-minded revenge for Mary and two kids to look after (even though he did a pretty shitty job at that). And I doubt he’d be too contactable after hooking up, so if there ever was a freak pregnancy, he wouldn’t know about it. It was a bit too far-fetched for me. Even disregarding that, I just didn’t love the character. But anyway, ignore all this rambling, focus on the theory on why Adam isn’t there to be rescued!

  4. LostDreamer says:

    Adam is in heaven because when Michael got that Molotov cocktail from Castiel, Adam died. Because at the end of Season 4 when Castiel died and then got repaired, Jimmy died. No human could withstand being burned alive by holy fire. Adam is safe in Heaven and Michael is possessing an empty vessel

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