On the Subject of Romance in “Supernatural”

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Supernatural Musings
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I’m not the kind of girl who needs romance in a story. I am perfectly fine without a love story developing in the middle of my horror movie or my crime show. In fact, I think that often times romantic subplots can totally derail a story and destroy it altogether. That’s one of the reasons I love Supernatural so much. It’s a show that doesn’t need romance and, most of the time, doesn’t inflict it on us.

Supernatural is a story about Sam and Dean Winchester and the things they hunt and kill. It’s about supernatural monsters and evil baddies trying to destroy the world. It stands on its own and doesn’t need the romance angle to spice it up. So I get just a little bit upset by some people claiming that the show should have more romance.

First off, this is SPN. Have you seen their idea of romance? It’s either horrible tragic or poorly written. There’s not a lot of middle ground on the show.

You’ve got Sam and Jess. They were in love – the show makes that clear without shoving it down our throats and it’s sweet and beautiful, but she dies in the very first episode. Tragic.

Then there was Sam and Sarah – not really a love story, they never got past the first kiss and she wasn’t mentioned after “Hollywood Babylon” (Also: who else is excited that Sarah’s coming back!! I swear, if they bring her back just to kill her…)

Dean and Cassie? Meh. That wasn’t one of the better episodes and though I liked Cassie, her relationship with Dean didn’t really feel real and she definitely made the right call when she decided it wouldn’t last.

Sam and Madison was so heartbreaking it hurts me to think about it. Not only did she die, but Sam killed her. Tragic again.

Dean and Lisa was probably a somewhat better example. But it felt like Dean was trying too hard to make it work, to be normal. Lisa was an ideal to him. I think he cared about her, but it wasn’t real and though I liked Lisa, it was better for everyone that she forgot he ever existed. Tragic ending. Again.

Dean and Jo was horrible because it had the potential to go places, but nothing ever really happens and that’s the kind of relationship this show makes most of the time – promise, but heartbreak.

Dean and Anna made absolutely not sense and I hated Anna so much I wanted to punch her face in every time I saw her. Seriously. I’m not even addressing the one night stand with the angel. I just refuse.

Sam and Amelia is the worst offender. Amelia was supposed to be to Sam what Lisa was to Dean. That already isn’t good since Dean and Lisa’s relationship felt like Dean was trying too hard to chase and idea. With Amelia it’s even worse because we aren’t given any reason to like Amelia, she’s just there and they keep telling us how perfect and wonderful she is and how much Sam loved her and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Amelia because she’s so amazing and god, just shoot me already.

I think it’s safe to say that we can’t trust the SPN writers to write a nice, happy and healthy relationship. Every relationship they’ve written has ended horribly or was left by the wayside to rot as the potential faded to nothing.

And that’s fine. Romance in a show about broken heroes fighting inner demons and real demons would just complicate everything. There’s no need for romance. We’ve got action, we’ve got tragedy, we’ve got monsters and Heaven and Hell. Let’s not complicate things with sitcom stories of “OMG his girlfriend’s pregnant!” okay?

Romance isn’t going to add anything to the show. And in the case of this show, most long-term relationships they’ve tried to write didn’t work out anyway. I don’t want another female love interest for Sam or Dean. I don’t want them to fall in love with some beautiful, perfect Mary-Sue character. It’s not necessary.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t have short-term relationships – that’s not the same as their recurring romance. They’re human, they can form connections with other people and it’s not like they’re strangers to one night stands anyway. Their lives don’t lend themselves to long-term relationships. The show’s storyline doesn’t work well with romantic subplots. It’d just clutter everything up.

Besides, there aren’t enough recurring female characters left and to have romance they’d have to introduce new people. Charlie is the only recurring female left and she’s gay so… Yeah.

I’m excited for Sarah coming back, but I’m not overly excited by the idea of her and Sam getting together again. It’s been so long. I’d like to think she’s moved on and maybe gotten married or met someone else, ya know? Or at least, if it does happen, it doesn’t last.

But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the SPN writers will surprise me and (if they do make it another romance subplot) write this one well. Maybe. I don’t want romance in SPN, but… we’ll see I suppose.

  1. Thea Karan says:

    I love this post, and I generally agree with you but I just have two things to say:
    It is possible to write a good relationship in the show. It’s not terribly necessary, but it is POSSIBLE.
    The problem here is that these writers don’t really know how to write straight, good female characters, who are not hunters. All female characters that were not hunters or anything supernatural or anything like that so far on the show are one-dimensional, archetypical and stereotypical (except for Charlie, but I’ll get to that). And don’t even dare talk to me about Jo. She gets all the HATE FOREVER. She is such a Dumbass in Distress (http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/thatguywiththeglasses/nostalgia-critic/30723-top-11-dumbasses-in-distress). Ellen was awesome, but Jo failed miserably in my mind.

    But that’s not even the issue. The thing is the don’t NEED to. To make a relationship work why not have a hunter somewhere in there. The reason none of these relationships work is because they always choose the most perfect human women. Choose someone like you goddamn it! And again, I am glad it went nowhere with Jo, because I hated her.

    As far as Charlie goes – I love Charlie! I wish there was more of her and I am glad that they made her gay so there will be no involvement with Sam or Dean. The thing is if she wasn’t… she’d be the perfect girlfriend for Sam. They are both quirky and nerdy and I think she’d be a positive influence on him, something that he definitely needs. She is already interestingly written so I doubt they can ruin her with a romance (which often happens), but again – I am glad it won’t happen. I will be writing a more in-length blog post of this, if you want to check out on http://www.theeditorsnotes.blogspot.com

    • sammygirl1967 says:

      See, Sam or Dean getting together with a hunter – someone who lives the life and understands the risks and the drawbacks and the complications that would arise – would be PERFECT. I’d actually like to see something like that happen. Unfortunately, they seem to be oblivious to this fact. I get that Sam and Dean (particularly Sam) want something normal and safe and sane, but they KNOW how impossible that is with the lives they lead. Trying to make it work with a woman who just doesn’t fit in with their life is really naive of them.

      (Personally, I liked Jo’s character – didn’t LOVE her, but she was okay. I wouldn’t have likely enjoyed her in a real relationship with Dean, though. The potential was there, but she was really so young and clueless and romanticized the whole lifestyle and the dangers that it wouldn’t have worked even if anything had come of it. I just wish they’d given her character something more than what they did because then maybe she’d have been totally awesome.)

      Charlie, of course, is made of win. If she weren’t gay, she WOULD be so perfect for Sam, but I do like that she’s gay (and that it isn’t her sole character trait – they did a great job with her character making her an actual person!). She’s a sadly rare female character on the show, though. Most of the female characters are so flat or don’t last long enough to develope. And when it’s a love interest for Sam or Dean they really seem to hammer home the whole “She’s perfect and normal and made of rainbow sparkles” thing. (ESPECIALLY with Amelia… Ugh.)

      I will check it out! Sounds interesting, thanks! 🙂

  2. […] see how or why a romantic interest is going to fit in. I’ve already made my feelings about romance in Supernatural fairly clear before , so maybe I’m being biased here due to my lack of interest in romance at […]

  3. popils says:

    Every good show needs to have a fair dose of love that transcends all through the series.

    • sammygirl1967 says:

      Gonna have to disagree. Romance is definitely not necessary, and in fact many stories suffer from unnecessary romances cluttering up the plot. Sure, it’s okay when called for and done correctly, but to say that that it’s NEEDED? Nope.

  4. popils says:

    Well, I love supernatural TV shows (the Vampire Diaries, Originals, shadowhunters) but the killing of monsters or demons just gets really boring when there’s nothing that comes after. From one demon to another- over and over again. What kept me watching the shows above were the epic love stories. I guess we just have different things we want in series.

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