Episode 1×06: Skin (PART TWO)

Written by: John Shiban

Directed by: Robert Duncan McNeill

Originally Aired: October 18, 2005


When we rejoin our heroes they’re down in the dark, dank sewers of St. Louis searching for a murderous shape shifter. They find a pile of icky looking goop that honestly made me a little sick to my stomach. Seriously, I saw an ear in that thing! *gags*

So they realizes that the thing sheds its skin whenever it shifts, which is… disgusting. And they realizes it’s using the sewers to get around, which is also gross. They climb back out of the sewers and gather their silver bullets, because that is how you kill all shape shifters, and guns and get ready to go back down into the sewers that night. Then Sam gets a call from Rebecca that goes like this:

Rebecca: Where are you?
Sam: We’re right near Zach’s. We’re just checking some things out.
Rebecca: Well look, Sam, stop, ’cause I really don’t need your help anymore.
Sam: What’re you talking about?
Rebecca: I told the lawyers that we went to the crime scene.
Sam: [grimacing] Why would you do that?
Rebecca: Well, I told them that we were with a police officer, and they checked it out and they told me that there is no ‘Detective Dean Winchester’
Sam: Beck –
Rebecca: No, I don’t understand why you would lie to me about something like that.
Sam: …We were trying to help.
Rebecca: Oh, trying to help? Do you realize that that was a sealed crime scene? You could’ve just ruined Zach’s case!
Sam: Becky, I’m sorry, but –
Rebecca: No! Goodbye, Sam!

First off, I get it. She’s pissed. This seriously could’ve screwed up her brother’s case because tampering with a crime scene is illegal. However, Sam raises a good question. Why the hell did she tell them? And also, she really shouldn’t be this mad at Sam for nearly screwing up her brother’s case because she stole evidence, which is also illegal and could probably get her and her brother into a lot of trouble if they found out about that. So why the heck did she even bring up the visit to the lawyers in the first place?

Also… totally random, but “Detective Dean Winchester” has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

So, Sam’s all upset because Becky’s made at him for lying and Dean sighs and gets all big-brother-y and tells him that he’s sorry, but that’s just the way it is. You lie to your friends, because the real you is terrifying and the truth is awful and it screws everything up so it’s just better to be without friends.

Then Dean smiles and hands Sam his gun with that adorable big-brother grin of his and says:

“But this life, it’s not without its perks,”

So, then they’re down in the sewers again. They come across another glob of that disgusting skin-stuff and then they spot the shifter, still wearing the face of Business Man. He attacks them, they shoot but I guess it’s dark and the thing moves fast because they don’t even injure it. It hits Dean pretty hard in his shoulder and Sam pauses to help him while the shifter gets away. They chase it out into the street and can’t spot it. Which is believable since it can become ANYONE.

Then they do the stupidest thing you can possibly do whenever you’re hunting a monster that can literally change its face to look like whoever it wants. They split up.

Argh. WHY!? Why, Sam? Why, Dean? Why would you possibly think that splitting up while chasing down a shifter is a good idea???

So they search the streets but find no sign of the shifter, they meet up around the block and decide to head back to the car. As they’re walking, Dean gets cut off by a car and its headlights flash in his eyes, making them silver. Oh joy, Dean not Dean. Some evil, twisted part of me is so glad that this happened because I just couldn’t stop grinning whenever I realized that the shifter had taken Dean’s form.

Anyway, they go back to the car and Sam is already suspicious, which stands a testament to just how well these two brothers know each other. He tosses Dean the keys and when he catches them with his injured arm, Sam pulls out his gun and demands to know where his brother his. “Dean” is convincing… really convincing. I mean, if I hadn’t seen the silver flash I would’ve doubted Sam was right.

Sam is clearly doubtful enough to not want to risk shooting his own brother, which give the shifter a chance to knock Sam out with a crowbar. One word: OUCH. That had to be painful.

Sam wakes up back in the sewers again, this time all tied and… … … … …


Sorry. Drifted off into dreamland for a moment. Anyway. Sam’s tied up and the shifter appears and Jensen Ackles is such a wonderful actor. I’m mean… seriously, this scene. I love it so much because he’s just… goddamn perfect, that’s what he is.

Anyway, the shifter starts taunting Sam and tells him that he thought his life was awful ’til he learned about theirs and he tells him that Dean’s got issues with Sam because Sam abandoned the family to go to school and he got to have a normal life while Dean had to stay back with their dad and carry on. Then he stops saying “Dean” and starts saying “I” which only makes the whole thing creepier as he sort of… “becomes” Dean and assumes his identity.

He talks about how everyone leaves him, even their dad, and how he got stuck having to take care of Sam and how he hated it all and how it wasn’t fair and how their dad loved Sam more and paid more attention to Sam than he ever did to Dean and the whole thing sort of broke my heart because I’m sure that Dean really feels that way about a lot of things. Especially about people abandoning him. Nothing and no one means more to Dean than family, and his family is constantly leaving him and he blames himself. Sometimes I just want to hug him and say “It’s not you, Dean, it’s them!”

Dean’s self-loathing is right up there with characters like the Doctor from Doctor who or Patrick Jane from the Mentalist. (I admit, I think he hates himself more than Jane…)

Anyway. He starts talking about Becky and gets all cocky and then he leaves.

Then we get to the scene where the intro started. “Dean” is with Becky, talking to her and telling her about shape shifters and how the thing is lonely and just wants to be loved and sounding very much like a serial killer at the moment. He says something (we don’t get to hear) that makes Becky freak out and call him disgusting and he comes towards her and she says she’ll call the cops and he rips the cord from the wall and ties her hands with it.

Then the SWAT team arrive… I guess a neighbor heard her screaming or something since she never got to call 911. Anyway, they go into the room where “Dean” is standing near a balcony and still holding the bloody knife. He turns around and they tell him to drop the knife. He throws it, killing on guy and dives from the balcony. Their bullets don’t affect him if they hit him, which I guess makes sense since he’s not human. He runs away.

While this is going on, Sam is trying to get out of his ropes and Dean hears him and we finally see Dean tied up a few feet behind Sam. They talk about the shifter and how he was “downloading” Dean’s thoughts and “becoming” him (still creepy) and Dean gets free and helps Sam get free and they head out of the sewers.

They spot a news report with a sketch of Dean and hear about the attack on Becky. They head toward her place to see if the Impala is still there and cops swoop in. Dean manages to escape and Sam says he’ll hold them off and wants Dean to stay out of the sewers.

Now here’s where things confuse me. Sam clearly got released the next morning. Dean ignored Sam’s warnings and goes into the sewers alone, the next morning. Sam goes to see Becky. She looks totally fine and not injured at all and he finds this totally normal. He explains to her about shape shifters. Dean finds the REAL Becky tied up in the sewers, bruised and bloody. She says she was walking home and got hit over the head and she woke up in time to see the shifter turn into her.

So… Becky was attacked the night before, right? She was pretty bloody and bruised. I suppose, if SWAT showed up fast enough, she wasn’t horribly injured, but she looked pretty rough in any case. She would’ve at least needed a few stitches. Aside from Sam not thinking about that (perhaps he didn’t really consider that…?), why the hell was Becky walking home by herself after being attacked in her home by her friend’s brother? Why was she not still in the hospital? Or answering police questions?

Also, why the hell aren’t her parents back yet? They were getting a flight back home a week ago. Were there no flights? Was there a storm in France that prevented them from getting home? Yeah, I’m being nit-picky, but the whole deal with Becky is the one thing I’ve never been able to figure out. I get that the shifter would assume Sam and Dean would go to Becky’s place after he realized they’d escaped, but I don’t understand why Sam and Dean didn’t assume Becky was in the hospital after being attacked and I really don’t get why Becky WASN’T in the hospital after she was attacked… Did she just refuses medical help and then decide to walk home after being brutally attacked in her own home??

Anywho, “Becky” hits Sam over the head with a beer bottle, which knocks him out. When Sam comes to again, the shifter has turned back into Dean. My guess, he likes Dean. (Okay, that’s not really a guess, the shifter says he likes Dean’s skin. Which is creepy.)

So Sam has his hands tied again and is at the mercy of “Dean”. The shifter searches for some kitchen knives and Sam assures him that they’ll never catch Dean, but the shifter says that even if they don’t, he’ll be a wanted man forever for killing his own brother.

He gloats some more and shoves a large kitchen knife into the pool table while Sam is lying on the floor all tied up. Sam kicks him and knocks him down, uses the knife to cut his ropes and then he and the shifter start to fight. The shifter is still talking like he IS Dean and also beating the crap out of Sam. Sam’s good, but the shifter must be pretty strong… He throws Sam into a book case and climbs on top of him, starting to strangle him while Sam struggles to not die.

Then the real Dean, and Becky, show up and Dean shoots “Dean” in the heart and rips his necklace off the shifters neck (which I guess the shifter stole) and looks over at Sam all meaningfully.

So the monster’s dead and the police have a dead body of a serial killer. They find some of Zach’s stolen clothes and the other victim’s DNA down in the sewer where Becky must’ve told them she was held. They conclude that Dean Winchester was the guy who committed all the attacks and he’s dead so hurray for them.

They drive off after a brief talk with Becky. Dean tells Sam that he’s sorry he has to live this life and that he wishes that Sam could have that normal life and Sam smiles.

Sam: Truth is, even at Stanford, deep down I never really fit in.
Dean: Oh, that ’cause you’re a freak.
Sam: Yeah, thanks.
Dean: I’m a freak too… Right there with you all the way.
Sam: [smiles] Yeah, I know you are.
Dean: …You know, I gotta say… I’m sorry I’m gonna miss it.
Sam: Miss what?
Dean: How many chances am I gonna have to see my own funeral?

And with that beautiful conversion, they end the episode and I’m somehow, impossibly more in love with these two brilliant characters than before.


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