Character: Amelia Richardson

First Episode: 8×01, “We Need to Talk About Kevin”


I admit it, I am totally biased when it comes to which characters in Supernatural I love and which characters I loathe. Amelia Richardson is one of those characters that I absolutely detest. Before you make any assumptions, let me just say a few things… I have been accused of disliking Amelia on the basis that she is Sam’s love interest. That is not the case. In fact, to date I haven’t had a single problem with any of Sam’s love interests aside from her.

Admittedly, I am extremely jealous of those women, but they were all interesting characters, even if (as with Ruby) they were also evil, lying demons. It is not the fact that she is Sam’s “girlfriend” (and I use the term loosely) that I object to. It is the fact that she is a washed out, cardboard cut-out of a character and she gets more and more annoying by the episode.

I’d also like to say, it is not the actress I have a problem with, it is the character. Most of the things I don’t like about Amelia can be boiled down to poor writing. The rest, is the extreme lack of chemistry between her and Jared.

I went into season eight a bit wary, but completely open minded. I did not hate Amelia right off the bat. We saw very little of her in “We Need to Talk About Kevin” so I didn’t get a real feel for her character, but she seemed at least vaguely interesting and not like a total bitch or even worse, a “damsel in distress” kinda deal. She seemed independent enough and able to speak for herself.

But then we just kept getting bludgeoned with the fact that she was so amazing and Sam loves her so damn much and blah fucking blah. Seriously, I was sick to death of the flashbacks. In the case of Dean and his stint in Purgatory, at least they made sense. He’d been through a huge deal and had just escaped freaking Purgatory and lost his best friend along the way. Sam, on the other hand… he hit a dog and met some annoying vet chick. He sure as hell has no reason to be having flashbacks.

I tried, I really did, to not hate this woman before we’d even really met her in the present time. But then we got to “Hunter Heroici” and all hope of me liking her was shot to hell. The Amelia flashbacks in that episode felt forced and totally out of place. I was annoyed at the way they pulled away from the actual story at hand and the only thing they did for me was convince of me that either Amelia is not real or the writers just had no other idea of how to get this story across to us.

What we know about Amelia is kind of hard to make her likable in any case. First, her husband, Don, was killed in action in Afghanistan (at least, I think it was Afghanistan. To be honest, I sort of zone out whenever she speaks). I understand that losing her husband must’ve been hard on her and she probably wanted to rebuild her life and had no idea where to start and it would be difficult and confusing.

But what Amelia did was move away from her old town, found some town in Texas (I’m assuming it’s Kermit, Texas seeing as that’s where she is now) and stayed in a motel for weeks, even after getting a job. Even Sam, who had literally lost EVERYONE he cared about (and apparently suffered some sort of personality overhaul that allowed him to not bother looking for said people) thought that was a little weird.

This chick was so scared of the commitment of property ownership she didn’t bother even renting an apartment, and instead just stayed at the motel which allowed her to run into Sam again. Their conversations feel stilted and painful and there is absolutely no chemistry between them at all. I wouldn’t know they were supposed to be in love if Sam hadn’t told us so…

Then they buy a HOUSE together. Seriously? Actually, no, Sam did it by himself. Amelia was apparently “busy”. This is only reinforcing my whole “Amelia is a delusion” theory. Her dad drops by and apparently he was in the Army. He is a strange combination of Dean and John. Only furthering my desperate hopes…

Amelia gets a phone call and Don’s not dead! Gasp!

This isn’t believable at all and her reaction is just… terrible. I’m sure she’d be freaked, yes, and the situation with Sam complicates everything, but you’d think if she gave a damn about Don she wouldn’t have looked so horrified and depressed at the news that her dead husband is inexplicably not dead. She just… No.

And it only gets worse because Sam decides to “do the right thing” and leave. Telling me all I need to know. He doesn’t really love her, because he didn’t even look that broken up about leaving and I personally believe that he was just with Amelia and rushed the entire relationship because he was desperately trying to recreate the relationship he had with Jessica. Amelia seems pretty callous about the whole thing and doesn’t really seem to care about her husband very much at all.

So, we fast-forward to “Citizen Fang” and just when I was hoping we’d one day get a flashback of Amelia dying an awful, awful death we get to finally meet this woman in the present time. She’s even worse than the flashbacks led me to believe.

Dean, in a desperate attempt to keep Sam and the nutbag Martin from killing Benny, sends Sam a phantom text from Amelia saying she’s in trouble. Yeah, that was a dick move and I was a bit disappointed, but at the same time… Sam seriously just bailed in the middle of a hunt and left a crazy person alone to hunt a vampire. Even given that Sam believed Benny was killing people, it seems like you wouldn’t want to leave the guy who was just released from a mental hospital alone to fight the vampire.

He drives all the way to Texas (from Louisiana) and sneaks up to Amelia’s place. He spots her and Don all happy and cozy on the couch and, realizing she’s fine, goes to a bar. He finds out what really happened from Dean. Just when I’m hoping this business with Amelia is over, she shows up. Fuck my life.

Apparently, she saw SOMEONE (remember, she said she didn’t know who) peeping through the window and HOPED it was Sam. So instead of telling her husband that there was a random dude creeping outside of the house, she just waits until she has a free moment and bails, heading for the bar in hopes of seeing her ex-lover there. Wow, does she love her husband or what, guys?

Once she confirmed that it was indeed Sam, she runs out of the bar because heaven forbid her husband realizes where she went. She had to get home because he was leaving for a business trip and she had to help him pack. I’m not kidding, but I wish I was.

She only shows up at Sam’s hotel (meaning she freaking tracked him down, which is disturbing) AFTER her husband is gone. That pretty much tells me she only came there to do one thing and it sure as hell wasn’t to talk. They talk a little, but mostly she’s stepping closer to him, talking about how she misses him and blah, blah, blah.

Sam backs away and tries to keep distance between them, clearly not wanting to make things more complicated, but she keeps annoying me by finishing his sentences and making me want to punch her. Of course, they sleep together. Could that scene have ended any other way?

(In my head, it ended with Sam stabbing her in the throat with the demon killing knife because, seriously, that’s the only logical ending!)

The next morning she blames Sam for the whole having sex together thing. Sorry, Amy, but unless he raped you, that took two people and you were the one coming onto him. Don’t blame him because you couldn’t control yourself. (Although, in fairness to Amelia, I’d have a hard time controlling myself in the presence of Sam Winchester too…) Then she gives him a speech about how he can’t be here and not here and how if he stays she’ll totally leave her husband for him, but if he goes she’ll just move on.

Wow, I am feeling the love. She must care a lot about her husband. Look, I get it. She “loves” Sam. (Yeah, no, not feeling the love, but it’s obvious that it’s SUPPOSED to be romance). However, even if Sam leaves, I’d say it’s only fair to Don if she divorces him because clearly, she doesn’t love him anymore. If she ever did, which I find doubtful ‘cos I’m not sure she’s capable of “love” or any other human emotion.

Anyway, after her big proposal (which boils down to: stay with me, or don’t ever come back), Sam says it’s a lot to think about. Which it is. Amelia looks less concerned and I’m sure she’s already made her mind up. She’s gonna ditch her husband for Sammy.

They agree that they’ll meet back at the hotel room in two days and if they’re both there, or only one of them is there they’ll know. The words “we’ll know” are repeated by Amelia so many times I wanted to hurl something at my computer screen. (And as another note, if she ever appears in another scene wearing only one of Sam’s shirts I will vomit)

So, of course, at the end of the episode they try to trick me into thinking Sam *might* go to be with Amelia, but I know Sam better than that. He might be stupid enough to care about this woman, but he’s not gonna ditch Dean in favor of a life with her, which was, at best, a hollow fantasy based on his dreams of his former life with Jess. But guess who DOES show up? Oh yes, Amelia shows up and finds the hotel room empty.

I wish I could say I felt bad when she looked so disappointed, but I feel that her disappointment was less that she didn’t get to live her life with Sam and more she didn’t get to carry out the ritualistic sacrifice she intended to do whenever she got there. I was just laughing in triumph because Sam didn’t let me down this time, he made the right decision and ditched her ass. I so hope we don’t see her again, but I’m pretty sure we will.

My only hope is that when we do, it is either confirmed that she is all a delusion because Sammy is just completely batshit (and that is a valid theory still given that Sam is the only character outside of her father and husband to ever interact with or even meet Amelia) OR Amelia is somehow working for Crowley and is tied into some bigger conspiracy that we don’t know about yet. Her being a legitimate love interest is simply out of the question…

  1. lkeke35 says:

    Yes, you totally summed up why I hate this character. I had no love for her to begin with and her willingness to cheat on her husband with Sam just cemented the idea that she was morally reprehensible in every way. Sam deserves a better woman than that whether he loved her or not. And I’m inclined to believe …not. he loved what she represented, not who she was. I never expected Sam to choose her over Dean.

    • sammygirl1967 says:

      Sam definitely deserves better. We can only hope that we’ve seen the last of Amelia. I really cringe whenever she’s mentioned. I hate her that much.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Thank god I’m not alone in being irritated by those flasbacks, and amelia. I found my self flipping stations compulsively to keep from enduring that vapid love interest.

    • sammygirl1967 says:

      I know! I honestly got angry every time she was on screen. Even rewatching the season on the DVDs, I just skip the flashbacks of her and any scene she has; otherwise I might actually throw something at the TV. I haven’t hated a fictional character this much since… Umbridge from Harry Potter. That’s sad.

  3. Niala Wesley says:

    I completely agree with everything you’ve said!

    Except that I disliked her from her very first scene. She got pissed at Sam for raising his voice with the receptionist even though it was obvious he was just really worried the dog was going to die. If medical dramas have taught me anything it is that you are supposed to calm the frantic patients and loved ones of patients, not yell at them. They are out of their mind with fear and worry and panic and helplessness while you are the life saving doctor.

    And then she guilt trips a complete stranger that she later refers to as a “creepy drifter” into adopting an innocent living being. She can’t even use the “better with him than euthanasia” rationality because she did not even have a dog. Seriously, how about instead forcing the dog on Sam, you adopt Dog yourself? I hated that she acted as if Sam stopping when he hit the dog, putting the dog in his car, driving the dog to the vet, and waiting there for hours to make sure the dog was okay, wasn’t extremely AMAZING. How many people do that? How many hit and runs of animals and humans are there every year? That day alone makes Sam a hero and a stand up guy. And Amelia actually had the nerve to ask, “Do you want a medal for that?”

    I hated that she judged Sam for wearing army surplus clothes. Seriously? Her father and husband were soldiers. And yet the conclusion she draws about Sam for dressing like that is that he’s probably a serial killer. It didn’t occur to her that he was ex-military or grew up around military or maybe was poor and the only clothes he could afford were thrift store finds.

    I hated that she straight up said she had nobody at all and then we find out she had a loving father and lots of friends. Sam’s parents, grandparents, cousins, friends, and (as far as he knew) brother were all dead and murdered.

    I hated when her father insulted John and then tacks on afterwards, “but what do I know, I’m just an old grunt” and Amelia looks at him like he’s adorable and says, “your my old grunt.” Your father just insulted your boyfriend/lover/living partner’s dead dad. That’s not cute.

    Even the way she surprised Sam with the birthday cake annoyed me. The way she said, “What? You never had a birthday cake before?” She said it in a way that showed she was not trying even a tiny bit to learn more about him or see things from a perspective other than her own.

    I really hated her reaction to Sam revealing he lost someone he loved. He was opening up about his own trauma and grief and how because of his past and pain he gets what she is feeling and they aren’t to be pitied and Sam is perfect. And yet she responds by saying that she now pities him and completely misses the whole point of him opening up. He was trying to tell her that he’s not a happy shiny person with their life in order either and she’s just thinking, “Ugh. I have my own issues. Why are you telling me yours?” She definitely did not love Sam.

    • sammygirl1967 says:

      Definitely not. I saw nothing to convince me that she loved him and the more I saw, the harder it was for me to lool at her character objectively. I hated her so much and everything about her was so unappealing. She kept getting worse with every episode she was in. I am so glad it looks like they aren’t going to bring her back.

    • Jenny says:

      Yes! I agree with everything the author said, but these details were primarily why I disliked Amelia! From the moment she was rude to Sam at the vet office I was like “da faq is this!? No. Just no.”
      I literally skipped EVERY scene with Amelia from that point forward. I love Sam and I want him to be happy, but honestly she was just terrible. I had to google the relationship arc because I could not physically force myself to watch Amelia’s b****-ass being lame to Sammy.

    • Nicole says:

      I love (& completely agree with) everything that you’ve said – perfect comment!!😁

  4. Al says:

    I can understand why this relationship seemed really contrived. It was. These are two emotionally damaged people that are clinging to each other out of need, not love. So that doesn’t bother me so much. It’s almost fitting.

    However, the chemistry between these two actors is so painfully bad that in order to understand how on earth they were cast as love interests, I’ve made up a little story in my head.
    Here goes:
    She was brought in for a screen test, it went well and she got the part. Then, during rehearsal (but before taping) she got really sick. Like, “bad sushi” sick. She had diarrhea and did her best to get to the bathroom on time. She didn’t make it. She crapped in her pants and Jared saw the whole thing go down. It’s especially embarrassing because she’s a chick and new to the cast, so they couldn’t even joke about it later. Every time they looked at each other after that, he was mortified on her behalf and she just pictured the look on his face when he realized he was watching a grown woman crap her own pants.

    It’s the only thing that makes sense.

    • sammygirl1967 says:

      Ha! That actually does make sense. The chemestry between them was just terrible. It was one of the biggest things that irked me about Amelia–among all the other things that I despised about her. The actress wasn’t bad, but she and Jared just felt so unrealistic together, and coupled with how poorly her character was written it certainly did her no favors.

    • Mayhem Ebola says:

      Best theory ever!! I know this is what, 2 years after the comment but I am just now watching the show for the first time, binge-style on Netflix, and hated this lady so much I had to seek solace on the net. Thank you, I can go on living now :’)

      • Renee says:

        And this is now 2 years after your comment lol. I’m binge watching the older seasons and came across this episode and remembered how much I hated this character. God she was terrible. Glad I’m not the only one!

  5. Dan says:

    Yep. I hate that bitch too. Terribly written character, and she is WAY below Sam’s league. .. I mean it’s like she is a penance or pity-lay for sam.

  6. Airasyraye says:

    Could not agree more. First time seeing Season 8 and I hated her since the moment she berated Sam for hitting Riot. It was an accident AND he was there to get it help. She was a grade-A bitch from start to finish and I will never understand what Sam saw in her. Must be the new show runner.

  7. Moony says:

    Indeed. This whole “romance” felt forced. It had no chemistry at all. Amelia’s character had potential (I liked the whole “we are both messed up, running away from things” -bit) but, alas, she kept becoming worse in every appearance of hers. Also, I already had problems with her from the start when she, as a damn vet, guilt-trips a random stranger (who she later called a creep) to keep the dog. That’s very responsible behavior from a medical person ehh? Cuz dogs can just be handed over like that like objects, they don’t require any time, effort and responsibilities, anything resembling a good home. Not to mention how she pretty much kept bringing Sam down during that whole scene which was baffling. Many people would just keep driving after hitting an animal. Sam was acting like a very decent person here, yet she kept snarking at him like he was a bad person or something. I just didn’t get it.

    • Moony says:

      Oh and I must add that I could have actually liked this whole thing if it was presented as “two damaged people clinging to each other out of need, not love”. Because due to lack of chemistry that’s pretty much how it plays out. Yet, they tried to force the whole idea of them being in so much love and bla bla bla which just renders the whole thing ridiculous. Very hard to believe in “romance” when there’s absolutely no chemistry, not to mention all the other things wrong here. It could have been a very interesting relationship and a testament to their mental stage, if they kept the relationship a bit more ambiguous and needy/antagonistic. Now it seems antagonistic while at the same time they try to hammer it in as some sort of representation about true love. What a mess.

  8. zebnhaley says:

    Agreed ,worst character ever.

  9. Tricia says:

    Worst character ever! I hated her from the moment she made the snarky comment about ‘handing him a medal’ at her veterinarian office. I was happier seeing Sam with the demon (Ruby) than with her! When I re-watched the season I just fast-forwarded through all the flashbacks with her. The best moment was when she walked into the empty hotel room and saw that Sam wasn’t there. I only hope they never bring her back.

    • Nicole says:

      I completely agree with everything that you said. I couldn’t stand her from the medal comment onward. I also fast forwarded just just avoid her.

  10. Kimberly says:

    There’s so many things I wanna say about this character, but gonna keep it short as possible. I didn’t hate her from the beginning, but I did feel the lackluster performance and zero chemistry between the two. I just didn’t feel the love they claimed to have for each other. They really just seemed like a hit-it-and-quit-it pairing. I really loved Dean and Lisa’s relationship and was really hoping to see maybe a parallel with Sam. But obviously, the whole situation was just horribly written. She just came off as so fickle and desperate. It seemed like they didn’t have enough time to flesh out her character and just stuck her in for the romantic element. It’s just cringe-worthy. I never want to see her character again to be honest. It won’t add to Sam’s character development and it’s just so eye-rollingly blah. Hopefully Sam’s next love interest has better character depth.

  11. Omg 3 years later I stumbled upon this because I re-watch the series on TNT over and over and you summed up what I feel and I just have to turn the channel every time she’s on it! Although I kind of felt the same way about Lisa & Dean in Season 6.

    • EJones says:

      Same! I couldn’t stand Lisa, her realtionship with Dean looked forced and unrealistic (to me).

      • daniella says:


  12. cameron says:

    1 flaw at the end, you think she could be a hullucination or whatever, love the theory, but your ignoring dean’s involment. Dean stole her phone at some point to send the text, which also opens up this whole thing of where in this whole dramatic did he set out to travel all the way to steal her phone. And if he had stole’n it before the situation began, why??.

    • sammygirl1967 says:

      Except… he didn’t steal her phone. I mean, at least as far as I can tell. It wouldn’t even make sense for him to have stolen her phone; it looks more like Dean bought a burner phone and went into Sam’s phone and changed the contact info for Amelia so that his number came up under her name–it’s really not that hard to do. (Admittedly, it doesn’t make sense for him to have done that either, because as you said, why would he? Why would he ever think he would need to do that and how did he possible think he could benefit from it? Honestly, the writer’s really weren’t using much logic for anything involving Amelia.)

      • cameron says:

        he did though, after sam finds out the text was fake when dean and sam argued about it dean say something about him visiting their. and the name that popped up on sams phone when he got the text was amelia, it was her number he had saved in the phone, then sam found her phone in the glove box. i cant remember but im 90% positive it even showed her check her purse and her phone was gone

      • cameron says:

        and sam and dean just got back with each other, it never showed a oppurtunity for dean to take his phone. plus how supernatural works it wouldve hinted ahead of time dean took sams phone, even with a simple scene of dean sneaking sams phone back, or sam not being able to find his phone for a little while

      • sammygirl1967 says:

        Sorry, no he did not. He just changed her number in Sam’s phone to his number so that he could text Sam and it would show up as Amelia.

        And I quote the plot summary from the Supernatural wiki here:

        “Later, Sam is at a bar in Kermit, and he pulls out his phone to call the number Amelia’s text came from. When Dean answers, he’s not surprised. He asks Dean when he changed Amelia’s number in his phone, and Dean admits that he did it a while ago in case he needed to get Sam out of the way for a while.”

        He didn’t steal her phone; he just changed out the numbers.

  13. cameron says:

    And if your a male and you 100% understood the whole amelia era, you see shes the female version of sam during his depression andthey just want the same thing. for a man, how she was presented it showed her as the basic version of what every guy wants in a women. And every guy loves when their girl wears just his shirt, so forthe male audience it fed into liking her.

    • sammygirl1967 says:

      Well, I’m not a male. And even if I was, I am not interested in a flat, boring character with no real personality beyond the the bitchy and judgmental. (She called him a fucking serial killer and pressured him into adopting a dog, sneering at him for doing what MOST people would not have and I’m sorry but the more I think about that opening scene with her the more I want to punch her. Real vets do not behave that way and would never pressure a person into taking responsibility for the dog–if she cared so damn much she should have adopted it herself!)

      But if you’re just specifically referring to her wearing his shirt and why I said it made me sick… I have no problem with that most of the time. I think it’s cute and sweet. I can totally see the appeal of a girl wearing her boyfriend’s shirts or hoodies and it’s a trope I generally like. But everything about Amelia puts me off so seeing her so proprietorially wearing his shirt and nothing else (and especially in a scene where she blames him for the sex that she herself initiated) really pissed me off and made me ill. That, plus by that point I hated her so much that just looking at her or hearing her talk made me angry.

      The fact that you’re saying that male audience members liked her because she was some “fantasy” woman really doesn’t change the fact that she was flat, boring, had no chemistry at all with Jared on camera, and what little personality she did display was off-putting. The writers were incredibly lazy with this character and she felt stiff and unlikable.

      • cameron says:

        your thinking to indebth in non needed areas. its basic, its how males and females think, a female understands a females actions better than a male and a male understands a males actions better than a female, unless youve studied psychology. your simply over thinking

      • sammygirl1967 says:

        There is no “over-thinking” to the fact that she is a poorly written and badly characterized character. I’m not over-thinking anything. I don’t like her, those are my reasons for not liking her. She is a badly written and flat character.

        And there is no such thing as “over-thinking” in terms of trying to understand character motivations, development and behavior.

      • cameron says:

        it wont let me reply to the other one, but once again your over thinking. dean took her phone so obviously itd be him that answered, sam wouldve recognized if it was deans cause he know all his number and if he did buy a dud phone im sure sam wouldve recognized amelia number wasnt correct as well

      • sammygirl1967 says:

        I am not over-thinking. The official plot summary even says that he didn’t steal her phone. He just changed her number in Sam’s phone. A number didn’t even come up on the screen, just her name. Not all phone’s show the number along with the contact name and most people don’t even look at that anyway.

      • cameron says:

        you dont understand it then. the lack of chemistry was on purpose, symbolizing their depression and that it was the worst time in both of their lives, if they had showe a lot of emotion dna chemistry it wouldnt have even made sense, you dont laugh as you cry. im just sasying i understand their whole connection, though i didnt like her much either. i dont like when a girl is flat either but in some occasions depending on the persons overall body shape and how they act it can be acceptable. love especially in a tv show isnt based on cup size, they just liked each others personality and could relate with them both being at their worst and i think that made it really easy for them to talk and connect which at the time is what they both really needed, and i agree, he character was poorly writen and im sure we will see her in the future

      • sammygirl1967 says:

        Oh my god, seriously? I am not talking about her body shape when I call her flat, I’m talking about her PERSONALITY. And their depression has nothing at all to do with the fact that the writers continuously beat us over the head with how amazing and perfect she was and how much they were in love, while everything that I saw on screen was the exact opposite of that. The actress and the actor had no physical chemistry and I do not buy the relationship or anything that happened between them as “love” at all. I could certainly understand the relationship being something born out of desperation for human contact, but that isn’t what it feels like–it feels like a very poorly executed romance that we are supposed to believe was just the most amazing thing ever when it WASN’T.

      • cameron says:

        and you whole non overthinking thing was not true, the story has the answer or the episodes wouldnt have released, or everyone would be confused, overthinking results in un answered questions, not understanding why something was done (their relationship) and theories, though i liked the 1 you gave

      • sammygirl1967 says:

        What is wrong with theories and questions? First, not all questions are answered by TV shows so fan theories and headcanons are a big thing that are a part of a fandom. There is nothing wrong with going in depth and having theories and headcanons that lay outside of what canon has told us because canon doesn’t always tell us everything.

      • cameron says:

        her being amazing and perfect, amazing and perfect for sam because shes exactly what he needed, someone who could relate at the very moment and someone he could talk to. yes, the depression IS why her charachter was ‘flat’. even sams character was ‘flat’, compared to how he normally is, it was done on purpose

      • sammygirl1967 says:

        Sorry, but I am going to have to respectfully disagree. It felt like no effort was put into her. I have been living with depression since I was sixteen and I have a personality. Amelia did not. “Depression” is not an excuse to put no effort into characterizing a character.

      • cameron says:

        and your right i didnt see the love either

      • cameron says:

        i get that, but all ive been trying to say is she wasnt completely like that because of shit writing. to me it seemed to be done on purpose. sams character got dull as well, because thats what they were aiming for. the chemistry you say they lacked, they did, but it was on purpose.

      • sammygirl1967 says:

        I really do not think it was intentional, but if that’s what you think, then okay. It doesn’t change my opinion on her or the way she was written, however.

      • cameron says:

        to me it just makes sense it was intentional to give views a certain feel. we finally got to an agreement. im kind of surprised sam and dean have made a boyfriend girlfriend relationship with another hunter and they tag along. but i think it to late at this point, i assume the show will end this season, maybe have 1 more. everytime they surpass a problem the next one was even bigger. i cant see it going past god and his sister. though i wouldnt have a problem if sam and dean continued huntiing like the use to. i also seen a interview with jared and jensen, they made it seem like the show was coming to a closing and talked about how they want to collab in other things when the show finishes

      • sammygirl1967 says:

        It really doesn’t feel intentional to me at all. It feels like they were trying to write something like his relationship with Jess, especially given how much they kept having Sam moon over her and how much they tried to hammer in his “love” for her. And deliberate or not, I still would not like her or their relationship because it made no sense and was far too forced.

        I do agree that I think the show is currently winding to a close. It was picked up for a 12th season, which I think will probably be the last. I’ll be sad to see it go, but at this point I thin trying to make the show go longer would just be dragging it out too much.

      • cameron says:

        i meant ‘havent’

      • cameron says:

        right. really they could continue it for years, just hunting and having main story plots here and their. but i highly doubt they’d do that, like you said it’d just be dragging it

  14. bekeoo says:

    OMG I thought I was the only one! I HAAAATE her! Worst character ever! I really loved Lisa, Ben and Dean as a happy family, but HER…I just can’t!

  15. Miss Joy says:

    I just came across this and wanted to laugh because you summed this whole thing up perfectly.

    I was at Pittcon in July, and Jared was answering a question about something along the lines of storylines he did not like personally- and this one story arc came up. The crowd felt the same.

  16. I don’t hate her but I hate what the writers did. to me that didn’t make sense. Sam wouldn’t leave Dean in trouble or without knowing what happened to him. Yes yes he went to college but I don’t think he wanted to leave the family, it’s like any normal human goes to college and comes back during holiday break. Plus Dean always told him he wanted him to be normal and that gave him courage to leave actually in my mind. But if Dean was missing or hurt Sam wouldn’t leave. He tried to sell his soul and find so many ways to get Dean back when Dean was in Hell, he freaked out every time when Dean kept dieing on the Tuesday, he looked for him when he became a demon,in first season Dean was going to die and Sam found a miracle worker or they though because he wasn’t gonna let Dean die, in season 2 start when the car accident happens and Dean is in the hospital Sam begs him to wake up, just many times. So I blame writers lmao. Like to me Sam would leave @ start of show but even then if he knew Dean was missing or hurt he would look. Sam loves Dean too. Dean is older and more productive but you can’t say Sam doesn’t love Dean or wouldn’t die for him. He would. Amelia thing made no sense to me with his character. Also he wouldn’t leave Kevin, Sam is good he wouldn’t leave someone without protection if he knows they need it. The winchesters both would die for each other. They would.

  17. Dee says:

    I absolutely adore this. Lol. I friggin HATE that storyline!!! Everything was all about her. and she was poorly written. Just fingernails in a chalkboard annoying.

  18. Mona says:

    Lol YES! We just watched Citizen Fang again and I was so freaking irritated by Amelia (which keeps autocorrecting to anemia when I type it lol) that I went looking for others who shared my distaste. I think the moment that really cemented my hatred of this pairing was the flashback with the birthday cake. “Oh Amelia! No one’s ever loved me enough to give me a birthday cake!” Like Dean as a child didn’t do something like shoplift Hostess cupcakes and a package of candles to try to give Sam a cake for his birthday. And Sam not bothering to look for Dean at all was such bs. His look of utter devastation when Dean disappeared into Purgatory was heartbreaking. The Sam I know would’ve stopped at nothing to find Dean. I seriously hate this season.

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